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Airsoft tаrget pack Combat Zone Zombie Hunter Airsoft tаrget pack Combat Zone Zombie Hunter
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1911 spring airsoft pistol with 12-round magazine. Built-in hop-up BB system and with metal parts. Includes one Zombie Hunter gel target. Cleanup is easy as the BBs slowly fall into its own collection tray...
Ex Tax:43.33лв.
Walther's actual top-gun, as M2 with magazine release at the left side. Gas blowback. Metal slide..
Ex Tax:207.50лв.
Spring-operated Airsoft Version of the new Walther Duty Pistol with Metal-Slide and heavy Magazine...
Ex Tax:50.00лв.
Walthers actual top-model: spring operated (< 0.5 Joule), with 2 magazines (1 x heavy 14 shots, 1 x Hi-Cap with 90 shots)..
Ex Tax:50.00лв.
Airsoft pistol Walther P99 DAO - with CO2 Airsoft pistol Walther P99 DAO - with CO2
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The DAO version of the P99 is the one most commonly used by police and other law enforcement authorities. The design ensures a constant trigger weight and travel - as on the original firearm. The Airsoft version of the Walther P99 DAO is not just another CO2 pistol with a metal slide. It features an..
Ex Tax:119.17лв.
Airsoft pistol Walther P99 DAO - electric
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Electric-blowback version of the new Walther Duty Pistol. Semi- and fullauto...
Ex Tax:53.33лв.
The DAO version of our besteller incl. Heavy Hi-Cap Magazine...
Ex Tax:40.00лв.
Features: Uses a 12-gram CO2 cartridge Semiauto 20rd drop-free BB mag Blowback action Removable barrel Fixed front & rear sights 2-stage non-adjustable trigger Manual safety Textured synthetic grips Single-action only..
Ex Tax:198.33лв.
Heavy model with metal slide and authentic HI-GRIP™ surface structure. With second magazine...
Ex Tax:40.00лв.
The 0,5j airsoft version of the Walther P22 is a must fоr Walther Fans...
Ex Tax:24.17лв.
Airsoft pistol Heckler & Koch UPS - spring operated Airsoft pistol Heckler & Koch UPS - spring operated
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HK's USP, famous for more than two decades - here spring-activated and under 0.5 Joule muzzle-energy...
Ex Tax:45.83лв.
An exact replica in terms of design and function of the HK P8 - the service pistol of the German Army. The pistol is powered by a CO2 capsule inserted in the magazine. Excellent fit and finish, and built to last - a reliable pistol for an attractive price...
Ex Tax:98.33лв.
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