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Night vision scopes

Sightmark Ghost hunter 4x50 Night vision binoculars Sightmark Ghost hunter 4x50 Night vision binoculars
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Brand: Sellmark USA
Featuring a high-power infrared illuminator and fully multi-coated optics, the Sightmark® Ghost Hunter 4x50 Night Vision Binocular is designed for prolonged nighttime observation. Its 4x magnification and large 50mm objective lens delivers bright, vivid imaging for medium-range targets in low-ambien..
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Pulsar Thermal imaging sight Apex XD75
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Selectable Reticles: A reticle is electronically displayed on the screen and is permanently located in the plane of target image. The Apex internal memory contains 10 reticles of various shapes and applications. The color of the reticle can be switched from black to white. (APEX) 3 Types of zeroing ..
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Pulsar Thermal imaging scope Photon RT 4,5x42 S Pulsar Thermal imaging scope Photon RT 4,5x42 S
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High nighttime sensitivity High magnification 4.5 / 9.0 Integrated video recorder Moisture protected (IPX5) Quick-change power supply Daytime operation possible Software Evolution Support Integrated invisible IR illuminator Recording and live YouTube streaming Integration with iOS an..
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Night vision Walther Digi View Pro Night vision Walther Digi View Pro
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The digital monocular night vision device providing excellent visibility in low light. Walther Digi View Pro has a maximum infra-red range of 60 meters and a 3x zoom / 6x, making it ideal for observation of nature. Powered by two AA batteries...
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AGM Bobcat digital riflescope is a high performance day and night dual-purpose sight made in line with the modern development trends of sighting. It has the characteristic of strong adaptability to low illumination, high imaging quality, high precision, dual-Use day and night, large magnification, l..
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ARMASIGHT by FLIR Spark CORE Multi-purpose night vision monocular ARMASIGHT by FLIR Spark CORE Multi-purpose night vision monocular
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Brand: Flir USA
For years, development and improvement of consumer-orientated single stage Gen 1 technology has stood still – until now. Traditionally, Gen 1 tubes are made of glass – making them quite fragile and easily damaged, and have relatively low resolution, with very evident image edge distortion. Introd..
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Brand: Flir USA
The FLIR Nemesis 6x is designed to place shots on long-range targets in minimal light conditions. Built with high-performance Gen 2+ or Gen 2 "Quicksilver" black and white image intensifier tubes, the Nemesis 6x captures excellent night vision and mounts on standard Picatinny/Weaver rail systems. Ad..
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Brand: Flir USA
Increase your stealth and illuminate your path using the Extra-Long-Range Multi-Functional IR Illuminator-Flashlight from Armasight by FLIR. This robust device ships with two LED illumination heads (850nm infrared and a broadband white) that can be easily interchanged and operated in one of the thre..
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Brand: Flir USA
The FLIR Vampire 3x is a CORE intensifier tube-based night vision riflescope designed for precise shot placement in minimal light conditions. A solid aluminum housing protects key electrical components from severe weather and shot recoil while an included extra long-range IR illuminator improves dow..
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Brand: Flir USA
The FLIR CO-X clip-on system introduces night vision capability to traditional daytime optics. Intended for mid-range shooting, the CO-X mounts in front of a day scope and provides reliable night vision in minimal light conditions. Using the existing daytime reticle for shot placement eliminates the..
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