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Dear visitors,

our company ZARIMEX Ltd. is a leading distributor of most of the products offered on this web site. We specialize in the sale of military, hunting, gas-alarm and air guns, ammunitions, clothes, accessories and many other products.

Due to the specificity and authorization of military and hunting weapons and ammunition, we do not sell them online and we do not send them by courier!

Gas-alarm and air guns are on free sale for persons over the age of 18! They are not subject to authorization in the police, so you don't need any licence to buy this product, but you have to register it to the police office within 14 days after buying it,  if you live in Bulgaria. According to the law, sells of gas-alarm guns and air guns are not allowed to citizens out of EU. However, these products also can't be ordered through our website and / or send by courier.

For details on how you can purchase this type of guns, please call our phone or e-mail us.

For the territory of Bulgaria your orders are carried by courier within 2 working days. The payment method is cash on delivery. For the prices of delivery in any other country or for the payment method, you can send an email or call us on the phone numbers below. 

For more information, you can contact us on:

tel. +359 2 874 10 80

tel./fax: +359 2 876 44 28



We wish you a pleasant shopping from our new online gun store!