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Fluorocarbon-free premium impregnation spray with polyurethane active agent for technical apparel. Gives a highly water-repellent surface and optimizes the breathability of waterproof/breathable shell fabrics. The active agent is biodegradable. Features: PCF-free spray-on treatment for the ..
Ex Tax:37.50лв.
Brand: NST France
NST Textile proof impregnates your outdoor clothing. Extreme conditions require a high performance water repellent product. With Textile ptoof, clothes retain their technical properties and initial visual appearance. It preserves the breathability and DWR treatment (DWR). Features: Ideal fo..
Ex Tax:20.83лв.
If you are often on your knees, these knee protectors are a must. For use with trousers that have a special pocket so you can put them in or take them out whenever you like. You will probably soon find that you will never take them out since they are flexible and comfortable. Features: Pre-..
Ex Tax:32.50лв.
Brand: Harkila
Handcrafted tie in 100% silk. Washable. One size...
Ex Tax:74.17лв.
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