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Weapon workshop ZARIMEX

Whether you have a weapon that needs maintenance, or has any kind of a problem, or is broken;
whether you want to mount a sight on your weapon or it just needs cleaning - In any situation you can count on us.

The work of gunsmiths usually requires a lot of knowledge and skills in many different areas. Our Gunsmith has excellent knowledges of the different types and models of weapons, so it is easy to detect their problem, if they have one, to offer an adequate and effective solution for it and apply it accordingly to achieve good performance and productivity of the weapon. His scientific degree, drawing skills and knowledge of working with a variety of machines and tools inevitably contribute to his reliable and quality work.

Certified and dedicated to his work, our weapons Master can be found every working day in his workshop at: Sofia, 7 Andrey Lyapchev Blvd., tel. +359 884 000 363

Services provided:

- Repair of gas signal weapons – pistol, gun, revolver and other
- Repair of pneumatic weapons
- Repair of hunting weapons
- Repair of combat weapons
- Mounting of rifle scopes
- Shooting firearms
- Technical inspections of hunting and combat weapons
- Cleaning and basic maintenance of weapons
- Mounting / regulating swivels and recoil pads