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For precise hit and maximum shooting comfort, the suitable modular rifle stocks are very important. What is this element in the weapon for and can you order individual production? Are they available for payment on instalment at Zarimex huning shop and what materials do you have a choice of?

What is the purpose of the stocks

The stock is an integral part of the overall construction of the firearm and its main purpose is to reduce recoil when firing. Also, this element helps a lot for the correct and precise aiming, as well as for the positioning of the modular rifle in the desired direction. Here are some of the important benefits of this item:

  • Provides the necessary comfort when aiming and shooting;
  • Protects people from burns when handling firearms;
  • Allows more convenient reloading;
  • Gives a better aesthetic appearance.

If years ago they were mainly made of a certain type of wood, today the stocks are made of different types of plastic, metal and other materials.

Does Zarimex offer individual production for modular rifles

With Zarimex you can order production or extension of stocks and forearms for rifles and shotguns on individual projects. The main materials used for the construction are wood, carbon and synthetic. You can get models for left or right hand, and also order a whole set with a barrel box. All this is completely affordable and if you trust Zarimex hunting shop, welcome to our physical store in Sofia to discuss your preferences. We have both ready-made stocks and semi-finished products, as well as the possibility for individual production.

In case the final price exceeds your current budget, you have the opportunity to view the leasing offers of our partners so that you can pay your order on instalment. In case you have additional questions or need professional advice, contact us.

What ready-made solutions are available

In the product range of the site you will find ready-made examples of modular rifles for both left and right hand, with barrel box and all the necessary accessories for full use. You have the opportunity to make your choice according to the brand and model of the weapon, which guarantees maximum accuracy in matching and the best end result after installation. We have taken care to cover the most preferred and used models, but still if you do not find the part you are looking for, contact us to see how we can help you.