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Used in firearms, these parts have another unofficial name - muzzle or gunpoint. Now we will find out what is the purpose of the barrels and what varieties you will find in the Zarimex online store.

What is a barrel

This is a part of the firearm, having the form of a tube, in which the exhaust gases of the bullet, after their ignition in the chamber during the shot, push it at high speed under pressure. The barrel also allows the bullet to be aimed in the desired direction of the shot, and the closed space and accurate calibration allows maximum acceleration of takeoff and maximum striking power.

Usually in its rear part it always has a cartridge-chamber, in which the bullet ignites after pressing the trigger. For this purpose, there is a firing pin , which after releasing the trigger, hits the cartridge at a certain point and this helps to form a spark and ignite the gunpowder.

What types are there

According to design features, the barrels are divided into smooth-bore and rifled. In the latter, there are special rifles in the inner part along the entire length of the barrel. When the bullet takes off, they give it a rotating motion and increased acceleration, which leads to greater striking power and accuracy.

Hunting shotguns usually have smooth-bore barrels inside and their cartridges are based on bullets, the size of which is measured at zero. For example, 13/0 corresponds to 8.5 mm.

Length also matters, because the larger it is, the greater the striking qualities and range of the weapon. This is due to the increased time during which acceleration is performed under the pressure of the exhaust gases in the barrels.

What Zarimex offers

In the product range of the Zarimex online store or in the physical store in Sofia are available different types of rifled or smooth-bore barrels for hunting rifles and shotguns. Service and polygonal barrels, which are designed for specific weapons, are predominant. Due to the brand offers and guaranteed high quality by the manufacturers themselves, the match and accuracy of the barrels are 100%.

Why trust us

  • We have been in the industry market for over 20 years and work with the best and proven brands;
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  • We have a young team with enough experience to be able to make competent consultations and offer the best according to your needs.;
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