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Accessories for shotguns

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Shotgun accessories are an integral part of it. They are necessary to improve the quality of your shotgun, to maintain, store and transport it. What is their purpose and what are the types offered in the Zarimex online or physical store in Sofia? Why choose us over other competitors? Let's see!

What are shotgun accessories used for

The accesories are different, improving the current capabilities of shotguns for maximum efficiency during hunting. At the same time, other small, significant additions, for example, a suitable sling facilitates the carrying of the shotgun on the shoulder and makes aiming more precise and accurate.

The variety of different accessories for hunting shotguns is so great that on the market there is practically everything you need. There are even special tools for disassembling weapons, which facilitates maintenance and possible repairs if necessary. Others improve hunting both during the day and at night, through a special illuminated sight, a suitable forearm or barrel extension.

What types are available

In the product range of the site, as well as in the physical store of Zarimex in Sofia, you will find a variety of accessories for shotguns such as:

  • Recoil pad for beautiful appearance of the shotgun and comfort when using it;
  • Forearm for your shotgun model;
  • Illuminated or simple sight for easy attachment and removal;
  • Stock for some models;
  • Different types of adapters for adding additional accessories;
  • Sling swivels;
  • Cases for transporting different models of shotguns.

And don't forget that whether you want to expand the functionality or the convenience of hunting, in our hunting shop you will find everything you need.

Why Zarimex is the best place to shop

Because this gun shop has been on the industry market for over 20 years and up to date works with the best and proven brands in this bussiness. This means that with us, in addition to the great variety of accessories, you can expect high quality products and the most affordable prices. If you need a competent consultation, you just have to contact us and make your inquiry and we will make sure you get the most adequate and affordable solution. We are expecting you!