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Replicas of hunting guns

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Do you want to have your favorite firearms and automatic guns at home completely legally and without the need for their registration and other commitments? Replica hunting weapons can help you. What are they and what are they preferred for? What models are available in the Zarimex hunting store and why to order from us?

What are replicas of hunting weapons

Replicas are only visual, but not functional figures of the originals. They are actually real copies. With good and quality workmanship, they completely repeat the outlines, curves and characteristic features of the overall vision of the original hunting weapon. So you actually get an identical copy, which is almost indistinguishable.

A characteristic feature of hunting weapon replicas is that they are, in addition to design, completely identical in weight and proportions of size. When the performance is of good quality, such an imitation is difficult to distinguish from the original with the naked eye or from a person unfamiliar with the peculiarities.

What they are used for

They are often preferred for museum exhibitions or other authentic sites, where they can be viewed by visitors, but not used. Quite often the replicas are bought by collectors who collect and store different models of hunting weapons. The use of such products is completely legal and does not require permits or registration with the relevant institution. This is because they are not functional, but simply recreate the appearance, size and weight of the original.

Fans of firearms and automatic guns also like to have different imitations of the individual models of combat analogues, which in most cases put in their homes. If you know such a person, such a gift will make him very happy and will be a perfect memory of you.

What models of hunting weapons have replicas

The product range of Zarimex hunting store is extremely dynamic in terms of availability and offers, but currently the following imitations are available:

  • Light Machine gun;
  • Automatic riffle;
  • AK47;
  • AWP;
  • M16;
  • M4;
  • Machine gun, etc.

Can you trust Zarimex

Our replicas are of very high quality and are almost indistinguishable from the originals both in appearance and in weight and size proportions. We cooperate with specialized brands in the field, so we can certainly guarantee the best workmanship and affordable prices. If you need more information, orders and other issues related to our business, contact us!