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Rifle and shotgun slings

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Akah gun sling with cork/rubber backing
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Brand: Akah Germany
Natural look: instead of artificial materials this new gun sling is backed with a non-slip, flexible, yet tear-resistant backing made of natural cork and rubber. The wide support area is pleasantly soft padded - this is really comfortable. The gun belt itself is made of Pull-up Buffalo leather. What..
Brand: Akah Germany
Pull-up leather, 20mm broad, with anti-slip cork, riveted. 97 cm long...
Brand: Akah Germany
This rifle sling is perfect for driven hunt. Clearly noticeable relief when wearing the rifle on the stand. Rifle to rest in front of the body, therefore a fast pointing always is granted. An enormous advantage of this neoprene sling. 6,5 cm wide, 105 cm long...
Akah rifle sling with yak leather
Out Of Stock
Brand: Akah Germany
Pull-up leather, edged with Yak leather. 50 mm wide shoulder padding with anti-slipping soft material. 105 cm long. With "QUICK-LOXX" button...
Brand: Akah Germany
Austrian PISCHL-Loden with moose leather Аdjustable 90-120 cm. Аnti-slip cork padded Handmade..
Fjall Raven Rifle Leather Strap
-20 %
Robust carrying strap for a hunting rifle, made from leather with a high-friction rubber grip that prevents it from sliding off the shoulder. The length can be adjusted using antiqued brass fasteners. Made in Sweden from robust, vegetable-tanned leather with an open grain surface that takes on a bea..
$78.90 $98.63
Support rest made of galvanized steel with calfskin cover. Place your rifle or shotgun into the holder with the trigger guard agains the support rest. Hold the stock under your arm. ..
Harkila rifle sling with adjustable pad in leather - dark brown
Out Of Stock
Brand: Harkila
Genuine leather rifle sling with adjustable pad and with traditional or silent fittings. 93 cm...
Brand: Harkila
Genuine leather shotgun sling with traditional or silent fittings. Length: 93 cm..
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Many novice hunters ignore or neglect individual accessories, believing that weapon slings or cases, shooting racks, etc. are not important for efficient and good catches. Their careful selection, according to the specific conditions and preferences, is no less important for achieving excellent results from the selection of the necessary ammunition and clothing. Therefore, we will now present to you the different types of slings offered in the Zarimex weapon shop, how to choose them and why they are important.

What are the benefits of wearing weapon slings

Regardless of the type, their main purpose is the even distribution of the load on the body. At the same time, carrying the rifle over the shoulder will allow complete release of the hands, as well as rapid positioning of the weapon in a firing position if necessary. On the other hand, the use of straps or slings allows the rifle to be quickly picked up and thrown over the shoulder, which is important in a driven hunt.

Also, when you carry the rifle over your shoulder, you have the opportunity to do other things with your hands, such as paving your way through wooded areas and difficult terrain.

What are offered types

As for the different number of attachment points, the following type of weapon slings are offered:

  • One-point gear gun sling - mounting is done only at one point and is suitable for small and light weapons. The attachment point is located at the stock or near the butt pad by means of a rifle;
  • Two-point gear gun sling - used when using automatic guns or rifles and makes it comfortable to carry on the back;
  • Three-point models - the most load-resistant attachment option. It can withstand high loads and allows adjustment to the firing position in seconds.

How to displace it

Displacement actually means adjusting the length for maximum convenience and comfort when wearing. Old hunters use an extremely effective and still working trick:

  1. Place the weapon in a horizontal position;
  2. Grasp the strap in the middle with a clenched fist;
  3. Bend your arm at the elbow at 90 ° C and rest it on the weapon;
  4. In this position, the sling should be taut but slightly loose.

This is the length that is most suitable to wear. If you still feel some discomfort, you can further loosen or tighten a little.

Do you trust Zarimex

In our hunting shop you will mostly find rubber, leather or universal high-quality solutions for your weapon at the best prices. We directly cooperate with various proven brands in this field. This eliminates mediators and allows us to offer products at a bargain price without loss of quality, so contact us!