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Cleaning kits for guns

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Grandpa says, “Use the right tools for the job.” Well, grandpa, these are the right tools. The reimagined hammer has an ergonomic grip and balanced weight to give both precise control and driving power. The hammer head faces can be switched between steel, brass, rubber, and nylon. There are twelve s..
Cleaning rod with rubber coating, PVC-Grip and brass brush. For rifles cal. .22 l.r...
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Frequent shooting with firearms requires its periodic cleaning and the use of special tools for this purpose. One of these tools are the ramrods, the purpose and proper use of which will be discussed in the following lines.

What is a ramrod

This is a thin steel rod, which has a handle at one end and a special nozzle into the other. It is used to push various stuck objects in the barrel and remove combustion. In most cases, however, the ramrod is used to clean the barrel of a firearm or air gun and is part of its maintenance accessories. In some cases, it can be used for cleaning a hard-to-reach places.

When and how it is used

In order to clean the inside of the barrel, a soaked cloth could be used on one side, which is passed along the entire length by means of a ramrod and removed on the other side. This is how all the dirt sticks to the towel. This process should be repeated several times. Ramrods are required whenever there is a need to clean the barrel of a firearm or air gun. This is usually necessary after each shooting.

What are the different types of ramrods

The product range of the Zarimex hunting store is extremely diverse and dynamically changing, but mainly you will find ramrods for rifles and Makarov pistols. They are divided into:

  • solid - look like a stick and have an additional wire spiral to remove aggressive contaminants;
  • soft - is a rope for cleaning a barrel of different caliber. It is easily portable, takes up very little space and is light weight.

How to choose

When choosing, it is important to consider the caliber and length of the cleaning rod. It must be longer than the barrel of the weapon so as to allow a complete passage from one end to the other. It is a good option if it is possibile to screw different nozzles at one end, so that in case of stubborn combustions, they can be easily and quickly removed.

Can you trust Zarimex

With over 20 years of experience in the hunting business, the Zarimex online store has established itself as a loyal trader and supplier of many different and high quality accessories at affordable prices. In case you need additional assistance in the selection and orders, contact us.