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Magazines for gas signal guns

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The magazine is a very important part of the overall design of gas pistols. Without this element, a weapon of this type will not be able to function and produce shots at all. What varieties are available in the category and how to choose the right one, why do we need a spare magazine? Can we trust the Zarimex gun store in Sofia?

What types of cartridge magazines are available

The magazines for gas pistols are usually placed in the handle of the weapon and depending on the model and size, their charge is different. The types available in the Zarimex online store also differ in their construction. As we work with original manufacturers and brands, we can fully guarantee that you will receive full compatibility and the best quality.

When choosing, consider the brand and model of the pistol with the designation of the magazine. So when they match, you can be sure that you will get the best operation of the weapon.

In which cases is it necessary to buy a spare product

Basically, the purchase of a spare magazine for a gas pistol is necessary in two cases: in case of damage to the original or in case of need of a spare version, which we should use immediately. In the first case, the damage can occur after inadvertently dropping or hitting into a solid massive object, as well as in the case of natural wear and damage.

When the new magazine is for the purpose of owning a spare version, it is usually loaded with cartridges and after emptying the cartridge placed in the gas weapon, it is immediately replaced with the spare. In this regard, there are cases when buying two or more of the same models.

What models will you find in Zarimex store

Due to our work with different brands and manufacturers, in the product range of the site you will find magazines for gas pistols of brands such as:

  • Ekol;
  • Zoraki;
  • Umarex,
  • Bruni, etc.

As we update the entire product catalog daily, if you do not currently find the model you are looking for, follow us regularly and at some point we may be able to add it. If you are not waiting, contact our representative in one of the ways listed on the site and he will inform you about the availability.

Can you trust Zarimex

We carefully select the list of brands with which we make partnerships for the supply and sale of weapons products. In this way we can guarantee the highest quality of workmanship on the one hand and the most affordable prices on the other. In case you need an expert consultation, contact us and our colleagues will help you in choosing and shopping.