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Elite Force Operator cap
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Cap Elite Force operator, made of breathable, cotton rip-stop fabric in military color FDE (flat dark earth). Features: Logo Elite Force One size fits all Patch logo Elite Force (Velcro) Ideal for the summer as protection against the sun..
8,4V - 1400 mAh - NiMH Small Type Suitable in follow guns: 2.5720 HK MP5 A5 2.5721 HK MP5 A5 Tac 2.5748 H&K G36 C 2.5747 H&K G36 K 2.5746 H&K G36..
9,6V - 1400 mAh - NiMH Stick Type Suitable in follow guns: 2.5660 Elite Force 74 SWAT (without adapter) 2.5719 HK MP5 A4 (with adapter)..
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Tactical and military games are gaining popularity not only in our country but all over the world. They are extremely realistic and create the feeling of participating in a real military battle. For reproducing the most realistic situations, today special weapons and specific accessories for them are offered in specialized gun shops. Let's see why they are needed, what types are offered, how to make our choice and why to choose from Zarimex?

Why magazines and accessories are essential for Airsoft weapons

These are the kind of additions that are necessary for the proper and full functionality of the weapon itself. On the other hand, they are elements and part of the complete equipment, as well as to ensure the safety of individual players. It is important for everyone to know that without the necessary magazines and accessories, they will not be able to effectively use the full potential of their airsoft weapon.

For example, gas models need a periodical replacement of the complete CO2 cylinder. Electrical analogues at some point require the replacement of batteries, etc.

What types are available

In the special section of the Zarimex gun store, various types of accessories for airsoft weapons are available, such as:

  • Airsoft equipment;
  • Rechargable batteries;
  • Pistol cylinder;
  • Safety goggles;
  • Gas vials;
  • Tactical caps, etc.

How to choose the right one

To make the right choice, it matters what you choose. For example, if you need a magazine, you need to know the exact model of the weapon. If you are buying a tactical hat, you need to know your size, unless you choose a one size model that can be width adjusted. As each accessory or magazine has its own characteristics, it is advisable to contact an operator on the Zarimex site. He will offer you the most accurate solution according to your needs and goals.

Why to choose from Zarimex

Because, as a specialized gun store, we strive to maintain maximum variety and quality at the most affordable prices. This is possible thanks to our close cooperation with proven brands and the best terms of our contracts with them. To take advantage, browse our range of magazines and accessories and if you need assistance, contact us! Our experts have over 20 years of experience in the field and can certainly be useful to you for free!