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The Compact Carbine Version is the most compact variant of the legendary HK G36 assault rifle. Equipped with Picatinny rails for holding point sights and accessories, this rifle also has a screw-on flash hider and front grip...
Very detailed and variable electric powered version of the legendary HK G36 assault rifle which is used by many Elite Special Forces around the world. It is compact and light, great for field use...
The original Heckler & Koch HK 416 is considered to be a much improved successor to the M4/M16-assault rifles, in the Airsoft CQB-version (Close Quarters Battle) as a handy short carbine...
Airsoft rifle Heckler & Koch MP5 A5 EBB
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HK's famous machine-pistol as Airsoft-version with Dual-Power-system (electric/spring-activated). New improved gear box, up to 1000 shots/min. Adjustable rear sight like the original. Retractable stock. Including Battery and Charger...
Airsoft rifle Heckler & Koch MP5 Kidz, Dual power
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Cal. 6mm BB; Mini-version, electric or spring-activated (dual power)..
Airsoft rifle IWI Tavor 21 Sporsline  - electrical
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The IWI Tavor is an assault rifle of the third generation and proven in service. By now it is part of the standard equipment of the Israeli Military Forces. Due to its compact bullpup construction this gun is lightweight and easy to handle. The Airsoft version of the IWI Tavor is as sturdy as the or..
Airsoft rifle Oberland Arms OA-15 Black Label M4 - electric
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OA all-inclusive: This M4 model, based on the firearm made by the famous German arms manufacturer Oberland Arms, comes with the necessary rechargeable battery and charger, as well as handgrips at the front and top and a sliding stock. The shoot-up is adjustable...
Airsoft tаrget pack Combat Zone Zombie Hunter
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1911 spring airsoft pistol with 12-round magazine. Built-in hop-up BB system and with metal parts. Includes one Zombie Hunter gel target. Cleanup is easy as the BBs slowly fall into its own collection tray...
Elite Force Operator cap
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Cap Elite Force operator, made of breathable, cotton rip-stop fabric in military color FDE (flat dark earth). Features: Logo Elite Force One size fits all Patch logo Elite Force (Velcro) Ideal for the summer as protection against the sun..
8,4V - 1400 mAh - NiMH Small Type Suitable in follow guns: 2.5720 HK MP5 A5 2.5721 HK MP5 A5 Tac 2.5748 H&K G36 C 2.5747 H&K G36 K 2.5746 H&K G36..
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