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Available for the first time for purchase over the counter: Beretta’s stylish pistol in a 19-shot BB version with a metal slide and blowback effect...
Airgun Beretta Elite II - with CO2 capsule
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This is the high-power model in the line of CO2-powered handguns. With its enormously high muzzle velocity it makes shooting 4.5 mm BBs lots of fun. And the price is surprisingly attractive. Operation is simple: Pull back the one-piece grip plate and insert a 12 g CO2 capsule. The Beretta Elite II i..
Airgun Beretta M92 A1 with CO2
Out Of Stock
An all-metal, 18-shot BB version of the famous Italian (and American) service pistol, with a realistic blowback effect. It weighs a full kilogram, just like the original. ​..
Airgun Beretta Mod. 84 FS - with CO2 capsule
Out Of Stock
This CO2 replica of the Beretta Mod. 84 FS has all the fine qualities of the original: it fi ts well in the hand and is easy to operate. The rugged all-metal gun has a removable magazine that holds 17 4.5 mm BBs and a 12 g CO2 capsule. A slide stop, ambidextrous safety and stripping lever offer real..
Airgun Colt Defender - with CO2 capsule
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The CO2 capsule is held in the frame and can be changed quickly. The manual safety prevents accidental fi ring. A Weaver rail for additional accessories is attached below the muzzle. The frame and slide are made of metal, giving the Colt Defender a realistic weight and excellent feel...
The Colt M1911 ranks as one of the most successful ordnance handguns ever developed. This replica has all the feel of the original plus proven CO2 technology. With its extremely smooth trigger pull and precision workmanship, this pistol is a natural high scorer...
Airgun Colt Phython 6'' - with CO2 capsule
Out Of Stock
Pellet magazine (metal) and BB magazine (polymer) included rear sight adjustable for windage and elevation...
Pellet magazine (metal) and BB magazine (polymer) included Rear sight adjustable for windage and elevation..
Airgun Colt Single Action Army 45 7,5" - with CO2 capsule
Out Of Stock
This replica of the famed “Peacemaker” became a worldwide favorite in a short time – and not just among Western fans. The Colt Single Action Army Revolver, as it’s officially called, is powered by a CO2 cartridge and has six loading shells for realistic firing of steel BBs. The long 7.5-inch barrel ..
Airgun Colt Special Combat Classic - with CO2 capsule
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Heavy all-metal version of the legendary Colt classic. The movable slide, in a stainless steel look, rests on a frame with a Weaver rail. This popular precision model also features a doubleaction trigger and a safety catch...
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Air or pneumatic pistols and revolvers are in most cases used for self-defense or entertainment, as well as for sport shooting. What caliber and brands will you find in the Zarimex gun store in Sofia, what is the Blowback system and the individual characteristics of the different types? Let's see!

What are the features of air pistols

Similar to their combat counterparts, this type of pistols and revolvers have a significant difference in their working mechanisms. The basic concept in their functionality is based on the conversion of energy from compressed gas into kinetic energy, which in turn launches the ammunition. In the form of gas it is possible to use ordinary oxygen or carbon dioxide (CO2).

Do you need a permit to use them

Air pistols and revolvers do not require a special permit. That means, that the models offered on the Zarimex site do not require you to have a permit for use, but some of the models need to be registered in the regional police office within the statutory period. When making such a purchase, it is advisable to check for the current regulations and amendments to the law.

What types are there

Among the range of air pistols and revolvers, according to their operation principle, they are divided into three main types:

  • Gas cylinders - based on high pressure CO2, these models work with special gas cylinders, which can weigh 8 or 12 grams. The main disadvantage is that they are influenced by ambient temperature;
  • Spring-piston - a spring mechanism is used, whose kinetic energy of the spring fires the bullet. They are not affected by the ambient temperature, but cannot boast of great long-range;
  • Multi-compression - combines the advantages and disadvantages of the above two types.

Gas cylinder models or those that work with compressed air are the most common and are suitable for short-range shooting. They are powerful and depending on the type you handle - pistol or revolver, you have the opportunity to use lead pellets or balls.

What is the BlowBack system

This is actually a mechanism which cycles a slide or bolt to better simulate a real firearm's operation. However, this system also has a disadvantage, which is expressed in the higher gas consumption when firing and reduced initial firing speed.

What caliber and brands you will find

Mainly in this category of Zarimex gun store in Sofia you will find PCP 5.5 mm and 9 mm air pistols and revolvers at cheap prices and with guaranteed high quality. The most preferred brands in our country are Diana Germany, Zoraki, Umarex, etc. Take advantage of!