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Accessories for airguns

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Diana air gun scope 4-9x40 AO
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Brand: Diana Germany
Features: Mount: 11mm prism rail Power: 3-9x Reticle: Duplex Tube: 25,4 • 1'' Field of view at 100 yds: 9,6-3,2 mm Eye relief: 109-76 mm Exit pupil: 10,6-305 mm Length: 332 mm Weight: 490 g..
Diana Bullseye ZR-Mount "Zero Recoil"
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Brand: Diana Germany
Almost 100% recoil compensation on the scope, 100% repetitive accuracy, even low budget scopes may be used on high power air rifles, integrated 0,4” lock-down, extremely rigid fit and holding power by long prism with integrated stop pin, 11 mm- or Weaver rail makes it suitable for almost every avail..
Diana Germany Lock down mount
Out Of Stock
Brand: Diana Germany
Single block with 0,01´4” elevation, built into mount...
Brand: Diana Germany
High quality air rifle pump with patented Dry-Pac-System (filters out more than 90% of moisture). Up to 230 bar compressed air...
Diana red dot 1x30
Out Of Stock
Brand: Diana Germany
For easy aiming, suitable for pistol as well as for the airguns. Brightness adjustable in 11 steps;  Red dot size = 5 MOA; Incl. 2 piece mount...
Diana target holder
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Due to the added silicone this Airsoft Gas keeps the internal blowback mechanism of the gun well lubricated with every use, increases its performance and is eco-friendly.     flammable aerosol DANGER: Extremely flammable aerosol. Pressurised container: May burst if heated..
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The use of an airgun necessitates the periodic purchase of certain airgun accessories. What will you find in the Zarimex online store?How can these additional accessories help you and when should you use them? In the following lines we will explain briefly!

What airgun accessories are available

In our product range you will mainly find consumables for different types of airguns and pistols, which you need to replace periodically. Examples are: carbon dioxide (CO2) cylinders, various types of targets, a gas bottle, sticks, pumps, etc. The other types of accessories are the individual components that complement the functionality, such as scopes, muzzle compensator, bipod, reflex sights, etc. Of course, our product category is constantly updated and supplemented, so it is likely that when you read these lines there will be a much larger and expanded selection of offers.

What are they used for

Consumables, such as carbon dioxide and other gas cylinders, are needed to enable airguns to fire. These consumables are part of its functionality and you must have spare components to prolong its lifetime. On the other hand, scopes, reflex sights and others help you to be more efficient in use and to make more accurate shots. The muzzle compensator is an accessory that will significantly reduce the recoil of the airgun, and this will improve the accuracy and precision of shooting. The bipod, in turn, will make you shoot from a lying position, and the scope will help you make a long shot.

How to choose

When choosing an airgun accessories, it is important to pay attention to the characteristics of each individual element. For example: For CO2 cylinders, you need to see their design and whether it matches your airgun. Some models have a screwing thread on the front, while others do not. Their capacity is also important, etc .; About scopes, it is more important at what maximum distance you will want to shoot, as well as to pay attention to the mounting mechanisms; Regarding the bipod, you must also take into account its purpose and how it is intended to be used, whether it meets your requirements and needs, the conditions in which you will use it, etc. You will probably notice that in each case there are certain nuances and peculiarities in the choice, so in case of difficulties, contact our consultant.

Why trust Zarimex gun shop

Because in Zarimex, you will not only find airgun accessories at the best prices and with the highest quality, but here you will also find a team with over 20 years of experience and brands that are among the pioneers in the field. This guarantees excellent quality and the best deals. We are expecting you!