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Self-defence sprays

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More and more people are resorting to legally permitted means of self-defence, which are the best in the event of an attack or burglary. Various types of defenses can be found in the commercial network, such as electric shocks, batons, hot sprays and bats, which serve to repel the malicious person, and in some cases the animal.

In the Zarimex online store there are many offers of this type that can be used by people in different age groups. It is good for both men and women to provide some kind of high-efficiency self-defense tool. The same can be stored at home, but can also be carried in a bag at all times. Some products are used against dogs, which if homeless can attack and bite us fatally.

What are spicy self-defence sprays for

Self-defence sprays are becoming increasingly popular because they are easy to use and comfortable to wear. In addition, they do not endanger a person's life in any way, but they are super effective in repelling the attacker. They are divided into several types according to their composition (gas, hot, etc.), as well as according to the type of air flow (foam, gel, cloud, etc.). Spicy sprays are probably the most preferred option, as the active ingredient is a capsaicinoid, which causes temporary blindness, and respectively enough time for the victim to escape.

When the hot spray is sprayed into the attacker's eyes, it causes pain, burning and tearing, and this sensation could last for more than an hour depending on the concentration of the active substance. This type of self-defence is very suitable for dogs and even wild animals. Many police officers around the world also rely on this method in riots and hooliganism.

In what varieties are they offered

Finding the perfect remedy is an end in itself for many. Given the dangerous and uncertain times in which we live, it is highly recommended that we have a means of self-defence available to protect ourselves when needed. Situations that anyone could find themselves in can be very different - kidnapping at home, assault outside, and more. In Zarimex you will find hot sprays at low prices, which are ideal for self-defence:

  • With a wide and narrow jet;
  • In the form of foam;
  • Against bears and dogs;
  • For police officers use;
  • In the form of a key-ring, etc.

The biggest advantage of this tool is that we can carry it in the everyday bag that is with us most of the time.