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Electronic Bird Repeller with PIR + Ultrasonic + Flashing Strobes Keeps pest birds out of your properties effectively and humanely! Birds Affected: pigeons starlings sparrows blackbirds Crows, other pest birds,..., etc. Features: Effective and safe Built-in test button Weatherproof and ..
The MOSQUITO REPELLER helps to get rid of the stinging insects such as mosquitoes, gnats. It produces sounds that replicate the most dreaded enemies of impregnated female mosquitoes. The female mosquito hears the sound as the male mosquito buzzing. Thus, the effect getting rid of the spawning female..
MOLECHSER is the most humane and environmentally friendly way of keeping gardens and lawns free of destructive ground rodents Burrowing Rodents Affected: Moles, Ground squirrels, Shrews, Voles, Pocket mice and gophers. Features: Solid aluminum shaft Simple operation, easy battery chang..
The Sonic Mosquito Repeller deals with mosquitoes quickly and effectively. Features: Safe for children & adults Compact & lightweight Chemical-free Clip holder included Battery life of up to 500 hours Effective Range: 1~5 meters Applications: Camping Farming ..
The very convenient and newly developed electronic SONIC VIBRARANDOM SNAKECHASER helps driving snakes out of your property! Snakes have very poor eyesight and they cannot hear sonic waves transmitted by the air. To make up, they can sense vibrations transmit from the ground by their jowls as a signa..
SUPER DOGCHASER creates a safe zone between the user and unfriendly dogs. It is also suitable for family, restaurants, shops to humanely expel unwanted dogs or cats. Equipped with three modes of function: TRAIN – press and hold the button to train dogs EXPEL – press and hold the button..
Ultrasonic Animalchaser
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This innovative pest control item uses ultrasonic technology to chase unwanted dogs, cats, rodents and other pests from gardens and yards. The Animalchaser is easy to install and maintenance free; its pest control method is humane and effective. Product Dimensions: 145 x 138 x 83 mm Weight: 16..
Deter unfriendly dogs with this ultrasonic point and use dog chaser Simple one button operation Handheld unit with belt clip Ideal for joggers, postmen and cyclists, etc Can also be used as an aid to dog training This device projects ultrasonic waves, which are hardly audible to hum..
This direct plug-in model chases mice, cockroaches, fleas, ants and most common household pests away from their shelter safely and effectively. It can be installed at homes, restaurants, warehouses, stores and many other places with electric outlet. ULTRASONIC PESTREPELLER will not interfere with..
PEST CONTROL DEVICE with 130 dB Provide more Intensive Pest Control Effect! ULTRASONIC PESTREPELLER effectively changes the living environment of rats, mice and other common pests. It is an effective, safe and risk-free way to get rid those pests from your living area. The sturdy detachable brack..
This highly efficient pest control unit uses PIR and ultrasonic technology to deter unwelcome animals from entering garden or yard areas. It can be installed both on he ground and mounted to a wall, and it monitors a fan shaped area of 70 degrees and distance of up to 12 meters. Once the sensor is t..
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