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Brand: Silva Sweeden
Sensor: Accumotion 45 º Counting steps Measuring the distance Sleep mode: Saves battery and protects the environment. Pedometer is activated by movement, or pressing a button The Silva ex10 Distance pedometer counts steps and measures distance. It’s based on Accumotion, a new type of sensor wh..
Brand: Silva Sweeden
3D sensor allows pedometer to be positioned in any position: around the neck, in a pocket or backpack Counting steps, distance, calories Clock with timer Automatic seven-day memory monitor your progress over the past few days Monitoring function sets a target number of steps to reach and indicat..
Brand: Silva Sweeden
Silva Еx step pedometer is compact, lightweight, easy to use and features a new, contemporary design with warm colour accents on a glossy white body. A newly designed robust clip secures the unit to the belt/trousers in the best possible way; just in case, there’s a safety lanyard to prevent acciden..
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