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Sleeping bags and blankets

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Jacket and sleeping bag 2in1 Carinthia
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The 2in1 system can be used as a coat and sack. This model is available in 3 sizes and suitable for women and men (possibly medium for huntress). The foot part is completely removable or with 2 leather straps in the rear hip area can be folded up and fixed with a button. An additional feature is a f..
The blanket can be wrapped around the body and fixed with a button in the chest area in variable widths. This also results in a double layer in the front, sensitive knee area. An additional fixation is possible through the collar. In addition, the front-mounted muff provides space for stowing small ..
The Loden-Ansitzdecke is a winter-warm, fluffy soft cold protection for protective wrapping at Ansitz. Next it serves as a comfortable seat cushion, but is also used to support the rifle and spotting scope. At cold temperatures, it acts as an optimal thermal insulator, through our special G-LOFT fil..
Practical & comfortable seat pad for on the go, which quickly pays off. Simply roll out and you have a clean and dry seat. Thanks to the waterrepellent outer material and the fluffy loden & teddy padding, you can also sit comfortably and flexibly outside during your hunting activities. Small..
Carinthia Loden tree stand suit
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The fluffy and soft lining makes this insulating suit so comfortable and keeps you warm even in extremely low temperatures. A drawcord at the chest height prevents heat loss. Convenient and easy to open and take off with its zip in the middle. And there is no need to take it off entirely when you wa..
Loden Blanket Carinthia
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The blanket can be wrapped around the body and has a button in the chest area for variable adjustment of width. By this means it provides a double protection layer for the areas that are particularly susceptible to cold. The blanket can also be secured by means of a strap around the neck. The m..
Loden Blanket Light Carinthia
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The loden blanket is a winter-warm, fluffy and soft protection against the cold on the tree stand. It can also be used as a comfortable cushion to sit as a rest for your rifle and spotting scope. When temperatures are low, it guarantees perfect heat insulation thanks to the special G-LOFT® filling. ..
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Sleeping bag Carinthina - Loden
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The loden comfort sleeping bag is rectangular in shape and offers lots of cosy space. The inside material is a cotton-blend that guarantees unlimited comfort and pleasant sleep. Air can be conveniently let in with the 2-way zip. A drawcord in the hood lets you adjust the fit and prevents any heatlos..
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When spending the night in the mountains, even in summer, the night becomes quite cold, which requires the appropriate equipment. Sleeping bags and blankets are an ideal tool for overnight stays in winter or summer. Now we will look at the models offered in the Zarimex online store and the material from which the blankets are made. We will see where else they are suitable for use and why you can trust us when shopping.

Sleeping bag models in Zarimex

These blankets really look like bags, hence their name. They are double and what you should to is just to stick in them. After that you will be completely wrapped, and the warm lining will act as an effective insulator that will keep your body temperature and will take care of sleeping in a dry and pleasant place.

In the online store you will find sleeping bags and blankets designed for sleeping outdoors, both during hunting in the mountains and in winter conditions, when sleeping in a tent, for example. At a mild weather you can take advantage of the special blankets, which you just need to wrap around your body, and its special buttons will allow free adjustment of width and comfort during sleep.

What material are the blankets made of

The sleeping bags for hunt are designed with extremely soft and fluffy warming woolen lining, providing maximum comfort, even in conditions of low ambient temperatures. G-loft lining is soft, gentle on the skin and extremely effective isolator from cold and moisture. The fabric combines in several layers a soft plush from inside and effective moisture resistance from the outside.

The main fabrics used for the making of sleeping bags and blankets are synthetic and natural. The products made of the first type of lining are the cheaper and more affordable options, so they are also more common. They are a good option when used in humid climates. However, those made of natural material keep body temperature more efficiently, but are also more voluminous, which must be taken into account when you have limited space for storage and transportation.

Where they are suitable to be used

They are mainly preferred when going hunting with a night's sleep or in the mountains in winter conditions. They are generally suitable for any camping where you have to spend the night and want to feel warm and comfortable during sleep. To equip yourself with high-quality warm and protected types, welcome to the special section of the online store. Here you will find offers of different sizes, as well as:

  • The best prices in relation to the offered quality;
  • Excellent professional service;
  • Always a wide variety of sleeping accessories;
  • Full assistance both when choosing and finishing orders.