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Hunting shotshels

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Brand: Aquila Italy
Specially created for hunting wild boar, the characteristic spherical shape of the ball, historical of the Tuscany Maremma, guarantee in the ungulates hunt an excellent reliability...
Brand: Aquila Italy
Loaded with two characteristic spherical shaped balls, guarantee an excellent reliability in the ungulates hunt...
Brand: Aquila Italy
Cartridge with classic shape wadslug, able to combine precision and powder of arrest in wild boar hunting at greater distances than 50 m...
Aquila shotshells - cal.12, 28 g №7 container wad
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Brand: Aquila Italy
Shooting cartridges that has been adapted for each discipline (skeet, sporting) and carefully designed, in every single detail, to obtain constant patterns and to maximize the ballistic performance...
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The purpose of every hobby is to entertain us and help us get rid of stress. Some of us like to dedicate ourselves to sports and outdoor activities, while others rely on hunting and fishing. Whatever we choose to diversify, the most important thing is the chosen activity to bring us real satisfaction.

In some hobbies, the adventure element is completely absent, but not in game hunting, during which it is possible to experience unknown emotions. And to make them even more exciting and memorable, we need to choose and buy a suitable hunting weapon and compatible cartridges. You can find both in the Zarimex gun store, where you will find a wide range of hunting shotguns of various calibers. Some of them use Breneke bullets and are ideal for hunting big game.

Are shotguns preferred by hunters

These are the most widely purchased shotguns, and the length of the barrel is most important. The shorter ones provide great distraction, while the longer ones are a little more difficult to handle the weapon in terms of accurate aiming at moving objects. The standard for smooth-bore weapons is the semi-automatic version, in which the length of the barrel is up to 76 cm, and some of them also have sights. They are designed for shooting at not very long distances and are selected in view of the caliber, budget, brand, size of the barrels and more. They most often use ammunition with bullets or type "Breneke".

What cartridges do they use

The smoothbore weapon is used with a certain type of ammunition, one of the most popular among which - "Breneke". Each individual caliber has a relevant number, so when choosing such cartridges for hunting small game, it will be easier for you to choose ammunition for the hunting rifle. In the Zarimex store you will find a wide range of cartridges for shotguns, which will guarantee you an accurate hit on target. The following types of ammunition are available:

  • Концентратор;
  • Кръстачка;
  • Тапа;
  • Magnum and others.

Do not wait at random, but take matters into your own hands, choosing the appropriate smooth-bore weapons and ammunition. The type of ammunition will provide you with good prey and new achievements in game hunting.

Which gun store can we trust

Choosing a gun shop from which to buy a shotgun and ammunition is essential for good aiming, accurate hit and overall performance. Turn your hobby into a professional one and do not save money on hunting equipment. Trust Zarimex and buy a Breneke hunting rifle and ammunition.