These are the questions that in Ivythorn Sporting get asked most often about Sauer Rifles. This information below is thanks to them. 

Q: Why does a Sauer cost a lot more than say a Tikka (itself a very good rifle)?

A: The Sauer is a premium product built up to a very high specification and standard; for the Hunter first and the Accountant second, although perhaps the law of pay less and buy twice also comes into play here.. and maybe the accountant is happy because the Sauer Rifle simply lasts for so long. The purity of design, the high standard of workmanship, the superior quality of the raw materials chosen; all these apply to a Sauer; We might as well ask why an Aston Martin costs more than a Ford..

Q: How long does a Sauer last?

A: Good Question! As mentioned above the brand has great longevity. One of Sauers' customers summed this up beautifully when he said "You know, you don't really own a Sauer, you just look after it for the next generation"... Or put another way, a .308 Sauer barrel is good for 10,000 rounds of accurate fire, with correct care (not too little cleaning, nor too harsh, and the like), and this figure is significantly less than the figure that Sauer HQ gave me... So, even after rounding it down, my typical customer will take 100 years at 100 shots per year to wear the rifle out... So the answer is probably long enough then.

Q: Does a Sauer barrel shoot straight?

A: Simple answer, yes it does. It will probably come as no surprise but Sauer barrels are carefully produced using precision machinery, to exacting standards, from the highest quality of raw components available, before being tested on Sauer's own in-house range (it actually is subterranean, running underneath the Factory floor...) Finally, all rifles are hand-inspected for quality before being signed off and shipped out. As an example, the last Sauer test-fired here at Ivythorn, prior to writing this statement, shot less than 1/2" at 50m, and less than 1" at 100m; Not bad at all, especially when you consider that the barrel in question (.243 win) is 17 years old...

Q: What is the 'switch-barrel' thing all about?

A: The Sauer 202 is a switch-barrel rifle. This simply means that one can change the calibre for another, if desired. For example, the owner of a Sauer 202 in .30-06 could choose to purchase a 6.5 x 55 calibre barrel as a softer-shooting alternative for his or her woodland stalking. In this instance only the barrel would be needed, as both the bolt and magazine employed by the .30-06 barrel are the same as needed for the 6.5 x 55. In the case of conversion let's say, from .243 to .308, as Sauer use a 3-lug bolt for medium short calibres (.243 and .22-250) but a 6-lug bolt for .308, then one would buy the .308 barrel and the 6-lug bolt. (The magazine for .243 and .308 is the same item, so no additional purchase required.) This 6-lug bolt would also then allow the owner to select something even harder hitting, say 9.3mm x 62, or very flat-shooting, like the .25-06. The flexibility is there, at your fingertips. For complete interchangeability specifications please refer to the Sauer catalogue upload on our site, or contact us in person, by phone or email. The barrel change itself is relatively easy to facilitate, using simple tools, and would usually take just a few minutes. If you require specific information on this subject then again please feel free to contact us in person. Here at Ivythorn we understand exactly the workings of the Sauer Rifle.

Q: OK, I know about the barrel-change thing on a 202, but what is a Sauer Take Down rifle, and how does it work?

A: The Sauer Take Down 202 rifle simply allows the user to change the barrel for a different calibre, without needing tools, in a matter of seconds. One just presses the release button incorporating the forward sling swivel, and pull the fore-end from the rifle. Now remove the barrel from the reciever, fit the next barrel by placing it into the receiver, then close the correct bolt into the barrel to headspace it, and refit the fore-end. Job done, with no loss of zero, guaranteed. Why not watch our own video demostration of the Sauer barrel change? For more detail, and calibre range/fitment, please use the Sauer catalogue upload on this site, or contact their dealer.

Q: Do I need to 'break-in' a new Sauer barrel?

A: No, Sauer cold-hammered barrels don't require breaking in; Due to the quality of production, material and finish they are ready to shoot as normal, straight out of the box.

Q: How do I clean a Sauer barrel?

A: The advice from the Factory is to be gentle; The periodic use of a dry pull-through cleaner is recommended (such as a 'BoreSnake'), with maybe a little oil on the Boresnake just occasionally, then dried by patch after. After approximately 100 rounds, or at the end of the season the barrel can be carefully cleaned with a good quality correctly-fitting bronze brush, and copper solvent. Again, err on the side of being 'gentle'. This is all you need to do, (Except to go out and enjoy using your Sauer for the rest of your life!)

Q: Can I use a Sound Moderator on a Sauer barrel?

A: Yes you can; Most Sauer rifles will come, or can be ordered from the Factory, already threaded.