Don't let the cold and biting winter stop your activities. With battery heated zones in your long underwear you can simply turn on the heat when you start to freeze. The Nordic Heat Base Layer consists of a top and long underpants, in which the 3 heating zones in every part are located for the optimal flow of heat. Every part comes with a charger and a small, but powerful battery that can last for more than five hours on one charge.

Heat on demand is easy to control

You activate and control the heat on the control button which is convenient located even if you wear an overcoat. Choose from three heat settings and turn up or down with a single press. The inner lining is made of breathable and sweat-absorbing fabric that is comfortable against the skin and keeps you dry all day long. When you practice outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, cycling or walking the dog, where you move and stand still, it can be difficult to dress properly on the trip. Too much clothes make you sweaty when you are very active and too little clothes will let the cold sneak in on you after a short period of time. The underwear with built-in heat makes it much easier to dress after the weather. With battery heated zones close to the body, you decide the temperature yourself.

​     – Craftsman: Begin the work of the morning without freezing with warm underwear and the long underpants. Turn off when you're active - and turn on again after the break.

     – Skiing: Avoid the many layers of clothes and get full freedom of movement for the trips down the mountain without freezing - also when you sit in the lift on the way up.

      – Toddler parents: The baby is nice and comfortable in the stroller, and the big children get the warmth of running around the playground. Enjoy the time while a wonderful warmth spreads in your body from the battery heated underwear.

      – Diver: Nordic Heat Base Layer can become an indispensable part of your equipment instead of the normal underwear.

Nordic Heat heating system XCT (Xtreme Comfort Technology) consists of ultra-thin carbon fiber in the heating zones. The insulated carbon fiber threads underneath the heating zones are so fine that you can't see or feel them - only the effect of the pleasant warmth that spreads when you turn on the heat. In the long underpants the zones are divided into the upper groin area and at the knees to achieve optimum flow of heat to the entire body and prevent your knee joints getting cold and stiff. The upper zones are located across the stomach and two zones on the back to promote blood circulation to the entire body.

Maximum freedom of movement

When choosing clothes with built-in heat, you can enjoy great freedom of movement for your activities. Gardening, skiing, cycling and sailing require that you use your body and with this ability to turn on and off the heat as needed, you avoid packing on with several layers of clothes. Hunting, gardening or golfing can be prolonged when you are warm and dry all the time.

Over five hours of heat

A set of long underwear is especially relevant if you are outdoors for a long time. Nordic Heat Base Layer has the high quality expected of inner clothing for active outdoor people. When it begins to feel cold you simply turn on the heat. The powerful battery is small and stored in a specially designed pocket where it does not bother. At the lowest heat setting, the battery can last for more than five hours on one charge.

Series of heated clothing

Nordic Heat has launched a series of battery heated clothes and constantly develops new solutions that makes it even better. Thousands of hunters, craftsmen, riders, divers, and cyclists among many others have enjoyed the comfortable warmth afforded by vests, underwear, gloves, hat and insoles over the years. The ongoing feedback provides the basis for Nordic Heat to fine-tune details to meet the wishes of users for the greatest possible comfort and freedom of movement in the built-in heat.

Washable at 30 degrees

Both underwear, vests, gloves and head gear can be washed at 30 degrees - just remember to remove the battery. Should it get wet from the extreme rain, the battery can easily withstand this. All Nordic Heat products only use 7.4V, which is low voltage so you can not get a shock.

Your security - Our priority

Safety means everything to us in Nordic Heat. Therefore, we are constantly testing our products so we are absolutely sure that they comply with applicable laws and regulations. All our products are CE and RoHS approved and are manufactured in an ISO9001 certified factory with high quality control.

  • Base layer is made in a breathable fabric and has a sweat transporting thermolayer.
  • The Base Layer Top has three heating zones, ensuring that the entire body core is kept warm. There is one heat zone across the stomach and two zones on the back - located on the upper part of the back and across the lower back thereby promoting blood circulation to the entire body.
  • The Base Layer Bottom has one heating zone in the upper groin area, which is flowed through approx. 3,000 liters of body fluid a day. The location here provides an efficient transport of heat into the legs. At the same time, a heat zone around each knee ensures that your joints do not get cold and stiff.


Base Layer is unisex, but please note that they are listed in men's sizes. Women should choose a size less than normal.

Source: https://nordic-heat.com/base-layer/