When shooting at clay targets the same shooting fundamentals are used for all, regardless of the discipline you are shooting. All you need is a shotgun, ammo and stance. The shot pellets must be no larger than 7-1/2.


Your stance must be relaxed and balanced.

Once you’ve taken your station, the only thought that should go through your head is to shoot that clay. Any other thoughts or worries can make you lose your concentration.

When clay shooting, you should shoot with both eyes open. This gives you a wider field of view and better depth of field. It makes it easier to follow the trajectory of the clay and see the right lead.

Your stance will change depending on whether you're left or right-handed. Someone who’s right-handed should have their left foot slightly forward and body leaning just slightly forwards to keep your body and gun balanced.

The shotgun should be snug into your right shoulder and your elbows should be open and slightly horizontal, rather than vertical. Your shoulders should be parallel to the ground, avoiding the classic hunter’s stance with the gun shouldered. Track the clays by turning your body without changing the position of your feet.


Vests with ammo pouches and padding to shoulder the gun. Safety glasses with coloured lenses (and blinkers) to improve visibility. Earplugs to protect the shooters hearing.


All types may be used. Pump, Semi Auto and Hinge are the most popular.


When shooting at any moving target you’ll always have to point your shotgun “in front of” or “above or below” it, depending on the direction the target is going. This is the only way in which the shot will reach the target by compensating for the delay caused by the shooter’s reflexes and the time it takes the shot to reach the target.

If you point your shotgun directly on the clay, you’ll end up shooting behind it, where the clay was, but isn’t when the shot reaches the point you chose.

Clay shooting is a very physically and mentally tiring sport.


Indeed you need to maintain a high level of concentration not only when the clay is launched, but also during all your movements both on and off the platform.