Casström Information and Warranty Certificate

Casström is a family-owned company based in Swedish Lapland. Our quality knives and equipment have been developed through talking with users and our own experience of using knives and equipment in the northern forests. Our designs are grounded in Scandinavian tradition with modifications based on feedback and rigorous testing. We remain committed to producing innovative, well-crafted and high performance tools and accessories.

25 Year Extended Warranty

This knife is made of sturdy materials and, if properly maintained, will last for a very long time. We offer a 25-year warranty from the date of purchase. We will repair or replace the knife if it breaks, however it is important that you keep your receipt or proof or purchase and strictly follow our care instructions. Read more about the warranty and maintenance guidelines below.

What is included in the warranty?

Casström AB issues the warranty against faults of proper use as a knife for 25 years from the date of purchase as long as you follow the maintenance guidelines. In addition, the knife must only be used under conditions that a knife should expect to perform, and not abused. This warranty does not apply to damage caused by the knife being thrown, prying, accident, improper use (such as screwdriver, hammer, lever, etc.), improper care and maintenance, neglect or normal and/or excessive wear and tear.

Special note on splitting wood, or “Batoning”

Batoning is the technique of cutting or splitting wood by using a baton-sized stick or soft mallet to repeatedly strike the spine of a sturdy knife, chisel or blade in order to drive it through wood, similar to how a froe is used. Casström knives are normally ok to be used for batoning using clean wood free from knots with the following caveats: The blade snapping on Scandi grind knives when used for batoning, is covered under the warranty. Chipping or edge damage, tip damage (last 5mm) and damage to the handle when batoning however are NOT covered under the warranty. Casström knives with a Full Flat grind are NOT covered by the warranty when used for batoning.

What is not included in the warranty?

Problems such as steel patina/rust, natural wood movement, some asymmetry in grinding or shaping of the handle and the wood pattern appearance are not covered under warranty. If you buy a knife with any of these imperfections and feel that you are not satisfied with the knife, please contact us and in some cases return the unused knife to get it replaced. Accessories for the knife such as the leather sheath, fire steels, and leather straps are considered consumable items during this frame and are not covered by the warranty.

Care and maintenance advice and other things to bear in mind:

  • A carbon steel blade will develop a darker colour or “patina” over time due to oxidisation, which is normal.
  • If a carbon steel blade becomes wet or is used in damp or salty areas, it will rust. This applies even if cut fruit or foodstuffs which contain acids. It is therefore essential to wipe the blade clean and dry after use.
  • Protect the steel (including the exposed tang) with olive oil, mineral oil or wax and allow the blade to be stored separate from the leather sheath when you are not wearing it, as the leather may need to dry out.
  • Never put your Casström knife, regardless of any type of blade steel and/or scales, in a dishwasher. 
  • Re-sharpening is recommended on flat sharpening systems e.g. diamond stone, Japanese Waterstones or ordinary traditional oil stones.
  • Scandi grinds are best sharpened freehand with stones (natural or compound), ceramics or diamond systems that are flat so that the length and breadth of the bevel can be place flat on the abrasive surface ensuring a consistent angle of sharpening.
  • We recommend sharpening a Full Flat grind’s secondary bevel with an angle of 15-20 degrees per side (30-40 degrees in total) with any system or technique that ensures a consistent angle. Stropping the edge with leather works for all styles of grind.
  • Some movement of wood is natural, and this should be expected over time. Oil the handle a couple times a year with boiled linseed oil or another suitable mixture, for example Danish oil or Ronseal Fishing Oil. In the first year, we also recommend that you oil the handle more regularly, e.g. once a month or after each outing. If the shaft becomes wet and moves, gaps may develop between the shaft and the blade, these gaps can be sealed with for example beeswax or epoxy putty.
  • Standard leather care products should NOT be used, especially those that are designed to make leather more supple such as grease or dubbing. This ruins the sheaths ability to maintain its stiffness to protect the knife and user. An additional method that makes the leather highly moisture resistant is “hot waxing”, which is done by immersing the sheath in melted beeswax

We hope that you enjoy your Casström knife, and may it give you many years of satisfaction in use. Remember the advice above, so that you are never given cause to recall an old Scandinavian proverb: A knifeless man is a lifeless man!