ERGO HEAT is the first pistol grip heating system for hunting rifles in the world made by SAUER. This revolutionary discovery for Classic XT, Synchro XT and Synchro XTC stocks for the S 303 and S 404 models marks a new chapter for hunting weapons and comes from the Isnybased weapon manufacturer.

Be it sitting for game during the winter, or for a driven hunt – hunters often have to fight against the cold. Because it is not so well wrapped up, the trigger finger can remain cold. Often, gloves are not worn on the shooting hand at all so that you can be ready to shoot at just the right moment. However, Cold fingers mean that you do not shoot as well. As confirmed by doctors, cold constricts the vessels in the hand and the sensitive tactile feeling of the fingers is reduced, i.e. you loose your sensitiveness.

A shot at a winter fox at 100 metres misses because you jerked the trigger. With a SAUER ERGO HEAT pistol grip heating system, the fingers of your shooting hand remain warm so that even in icy conditions, you can cleanly operate the trigger. At the highest heating level, the ERGO HEAT maintains up to 30 °C difference to the ambient temperature.

On a driven hunt, where you need to be quick, the ERGO HEAT is also a huge safety enhancement. Even at below-zero temperatures, the hunter can comfortably hold his SAUER rifle with a bare hand on the warming pistol grip. It is more quickly brought to bear and you can cock and shoot with the sentisivity required. After that, only the hits count!


The three heating levels can be set using the supplied remote control or via the free SAUER ERGO HEAT app. A subtle red LED light in the sling swivel shows the selected heating level by blinking. At the highest heating level, the rechargeable battery lasts for about 2 hours, at the lowest, up to 7 hours!


The SAUER ERGO HEAT app is available for Android from version 4.3 as well as from iOS 7.0


  • Charging the rechargeable batteries in the stock is done using a power supply which is attached to the sling swivel socket.
  • You can also use the cigarette lighter or a USB connection on a car or a Powerbank to charge the batteries.


*The ERGO HEAT is only available with new weapons from the S 303 and S 404 model ranges.