With our program for loyal customers - ZARIMEX CLUB we would like to express our gratitude to you - our customers, by making your shopping more profitable and exciting on our site

   How to become a member of ZARIMEX CLUB?

All you need is to be a registered user of our site and to have a total turnover of all your online orders worth BGN 1,000, after which you not only become a member of ZARIMEX Club, but also receive a 5% discount on every next order , access to special promotional offers and more and more privileges at each subsequent level.

Bronze Member – Total turnover of BGN 1,000 - you get a 5% discount on every next order.

Silver Member – Total turnover of BGN 3,0000 - you get 7% discount on every next order and a gift voucher worth BGN 50 for the begining of Wild boar hunting in Bulgaria, every year!*.

Gold Member - Total turnover of BGN 6,000- you get 10% discount on every next order, a gift voucher worth BGN 100 for the begining of Wild boar hunting in Bulgaria, every year!** 

* In case you want to use your discount for a product that cannot be purchased online and sent by courier, incl. - weapons, ammunition, suppressor, etc., you can provide the data from your registration on the website in our physical store (Sofia, 8th of December Blvd. (1). Upon occurrence of the above, the amount you paid in our store will be added to the turnover of the site so that you can upgrade your status and receive even better discounts and opportunities.. 

**The Gift voucher is valid up to 1 month after the beginning of the Wild boar season in Bulgaria in case that the customer has at least six orders on our site in the last 12 months. 


   What do you get when you join this program?

- permanent, increasing discount when shopping in our online store.

- opportunity to take advantage of all new services, products and bonuses that will be realized over time through the ZARIMEX CLUB program.

   General terms:

  • Club discounts from Zarimex are valid only on the online website and in the physical store of the company - Sofia, 8 December Blvd. 1, against the provision of registration data and, if necessary - an identity document.
  • The club level is valid for 12 months. If for this period there is no purchase made by the consumer, the latter is canceled.
  • The discount can be used repeatedly, and when you accumulate the specified turnover for each subsequent level, it is automatically replaced by the larger discount and greater privileges.
  • Discounts from the program cannot be combined with other discounts of third parties, with gift vouchers, promotions and campaigns.
  • Zarimex keeps its right to terminate a user's club membership in case of abuse or incorrectness.
  • Discounts are activated when a certain turnover is reached through our online store and are active for each next order, regardless of the value of the latter.
  • The user may not gift, reassign or combine his discount with another user.
  • Discounts in ZARIMEX CLUB cannot be credited to companies. 
  • Zarimex keeps its right to terminate the program, or to change these General Terms and Conditions, rules for participation, in whole or in part, at any time with or without notice.
  • By completing your account, you agree to the terms of the loyalty program.
  • All conditions can be changed at the discretion of the management of Zarimex, at any time.

Once you have registered and logged in to your account you will be able to track your orders and turnover. You will see your level in ZARIMEX CLUB and the necessary turnover to reach the next level. On the products added to the site, you will also see your club price. 

Many of our clients are already part of ZARIMX CLUB. If you want to be part of ZARIMEX CLUB, you can register HERE! All you need to do is fill in the Registration Form and start accumulating turnover by increasing your discount and privileges!

We are honored to be with us!