The best from tradition with high technology

Founded in 1769, the first rule of PUMA was and still is today, first class quality which is reflected in their hunting, sporting and outdoor knives. In a city whose name is not unreasonably registered trade mark for quality knives and scissors: Solingen.

It has always been part of the PUMA philosophy to manufacture products worthy of the magic name and the high demand of this city. For more than 240 years PUMA impresses with extra ordinary quality and workmannship.

We achieve this through a combination of traditional craftsmannship and the use of high tech machinery and know how.

We utilise high tech in a way that increases the quality of our products and satisfies our costumers, but we also show customers the traditional method of Solingen knife production in the third century.

Handwork is one aspect of production overseen by our technical staff, but more and more we are using the CNC machinery for parts of our products and this high precision helps us to be more efficient and competitve on price.

However, you will find a lot of products manufactured the old traditional way, especially hunting and commemorative knives.

PUMA places the importance of perfect workmannship, combined with the experience and ideas of our technical staff even higher than that of high tech machinery. This is why after full production each knife is checked and its quality controlled by our staff personally.

PUMA is one of the leading companies in production of hunting, sporting, outdoor and fishing knives.

The PUMA brand name is recognised world-wide for high quality and knife "know how".

PUMA Individual 111

Create your own personal PUMA knife online. PUMA Solingen has developed a brand new concept to offer their customers the opportunity to design an original handmade PUMA model according to their own wishes. If you want to own a knife that no one else in the world has, PUMA Individual is the perfect choice. There are no limits to the imagination, thousands of combinations are possible.

Using the PUMA knife configurator, you can choose step by step which blade shape, blade steel, handle materials, bolsters, screws and inlays you want. You can further customize your knife by choosing personal blade etchings or engravings.

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