Our feet are immensely important to our well-being, as they are particularly exposed to the cold. Furthermore, our feet carry the entire body and are often the part that tires the quickest. This is why footwear is crucial, and especially hunting boots must live up to a number of high standarts. Not only should they be durable, insulating and they shoud also be light and have a perfect fit. 

This is why Harkila use the durable lightweight material Cordura that makes it possible to offer the same durability in lighter boot. Of course, Harkila boots also come in durable and insulating natural materials such as nubuck leather, fullgrain leather and extra breathable suede.

Shoe laces are important in terms of insulation and comfort. This is why Harkila's lacing system comes with movable lace holes, strong lace lock and hooks. For hunters who like to be able to tie their boots quickly, the Boa system provides a smooth lace-up with a few turns of the simple closing mechanism.