Leica Camera AG is launching the second generation of its successful range of Magnus riflescopes at IWA Outdoor Classics 2016 in Nürnberg. They impress with proven optical and mechanical systems and innovative details such as turret scale zeroing without tools and reticles with optimised dot coverage.

In addition, the Leica engineers have not only been able to reduce power consumption and significantly lengthen battery life, but have also made changing batteries much easier. The convenient day-night illumination adjustment has been retained, and now offers additional protection against inadvertent changes to settings.

The new red-dot riflescopes of the Magnus i line are available in four different versions: Magnus 1−6.3x24 i, Magnus 1.5–10x42 i, Magnus 1.8–12x50 i, and Magnus 2.4–16x56 i. All four models feature a pin-sharp and crisply defined dot with an extremely finely graduated brightness control. A 60-step day-night mode ensures optimum dot intensity at all hours of the day and night.

Excellent transmission characteristics of approximately 92% and extraordinarily high contrast enable dependable sighting under even the most unfavourable light conditions. The very wide field of view guarantees optimum coverage of the terrain and a zoom range of up to 6.7x ensures maximum versatility in the field.

‘The second generation Magnus models are extremely reliable and versatile companions for every discerning hunter and provide razor-sharp and crystal-clear resolution. The Magnus i riflescope line provides ideal solutions for all kinds of hunting – from driven hunts to hunting game at long distances,’ says Marcus Zeidler, Head of Product management at Leica Sport Optics.

Leica Magnus 1−6.3x24 i

Due to its combination of maximum resolving power, an extremely broad overview and an astoundingly wide field of view of 44 metres at 100 metres, the Magnus 1−6.3x24 i ensures significantly greater safety and hunting success. Thanks to a large exit pupil and a crisply defined, extremely bright red dot, it guarantees extremely fast and accurate target location, especially with running game. The riflescope features a generously wide 1 to 6.3-fold zoom range, and a smart, automatic power-off function. In combination with its extremely compact construction, these features make the Magnus 1–6.3x24 i an extraordinarily reliable and versatile companion on any hunt.

Leica Magnus 1.5–10x42 i

Thanks to its 6.7-fold zoom factor, the Magnus 1.5–10x42 i is as multi-faceted as hunting itself. This riflescope is a universal all-rounder for stalking, shooting from blinds or driven hunts, at close or long range, and offers maximum versatility and superior accuracy in every hunting situation.

The crisply displayed red dot and extremely fine graduation of its brightness settings guarantee protection against flaring and halo effects around its edges. With its outstanding zoom range, brilliant low-light performance, and excellent transmission, this rugged and enduring riflescope impresses in every hunting situation.

Leica Magnus 1.8–12x50 i

The new Magnus 1.8–12x50 i is an ideal addition to our high-quality Magnus line. Thanks to its compact dimensions and a large, 50 mm objective lens, it is an extremely versatile riflescope for hunting from blinds and when stalking. Its outstanding zoom factor and a minimum magnification of 1.8x also make it the ideal choice for driven hunts.

It combines benefits such as short overall length, suitability for a broad spectrum of hunting situations and easy mounting with the advantages of a first class optical system. For instance, the combination of minimal vignetting and the large, effective diameter of its objective lens, provides exceptional light-gathering ability and improves resolution of details from dawn to dusk.

Leica Magnus 2.4–16x56 i

In contrast to other riflescopes, the particularly low vignetting of the Magnus 2.4–16x56 i ensures extra brightness at low magnification factors. Its large-diameter front lens, a highly effective entrance pupil at mid-range magnification, and the highest, outstanding transmission value of around 92% ensure optimum identification up to the last minutes of shooting light.

With a maximum magnification of 16x, it is also perfect for ensuring the accuracy of ambitious, long-range shots. In combination with the outstanding Leica baffle system, its high transmission properties guarantee more light under all conditions, particularly when using low magnification factors.

Source: www.leica-camera.com