SWAROVSKI OPTIK has developed an innovative lead distance app that provides you with another way of preparing for the challenges of driven hunting. Excellent shooting skills are a vital ingredient of a successful hunting trip. This means that your technique must be instinctive, as hitting a moving target is a much greater challenge than hitting a stationary one. This app helps you to gain a better feel for lead distances with moving targets.


For hunters and participants in driven hunts who want to increase their knowledge and improve their ability to quickly and accurately estimate distances and target speeds.




  • Select settings

Before you start you can select the options that suit you (language, metric or imperial measurements, etc.).

  • Select variables

The following variables are available in the app (in different units): distance, lead distance, bullet velocity, and target speed. The hunting terrain options include mature forest, meadow, and open space. The ammunition can either be input manually or using a predefined selection (low, medium, or high-velocity cartridge). In terms of type of prey, there is a choice between red deer and wild boar of different sizes. The range to target and the target’s speed (moving, running, fast-moving) are also variable. Training mode also allows the magnification to be adjusted between 1-6x and the reticles to be selected.

Demo mode

This SWAROVSKI OPTIK app offers two different modes: demo and training mode. Demo mode allows users to select all the variables freely, so that they can specifically go through particular hunting scenarios again. The lead distance is displayed automatically in this case.

Training mode

In training mode the program uses a random number generator to select different hunting scenarios so that users can constantly adapt to new situations – just like in real life. In this case, users have to select the position of the shot themselves and then check whether it was a chest shot, whether they need to search for the prey, or whether the shot was a miss. The evaluation analyzes every single round and saves everything in an overall set of statistics. This allows users to track their training and the improvements they have made.

The application can be downloaded for free from Google Play.