RWS are the only major manufacturer of rifle cartridges in the world who only offer expanding bullets of their own make. With more than nine different game bullet styles and numerous others for military, police, commercial and competition applications, RWS certainly have the widest range of bullets covering the whole shooting spectrum. Use of the most modern production methods ensure highest dimensional stability and a flawless surface texture. Only bullets that comply with the most demanding RWS specifications are found on gun dealers‘ shelves.

EVOLUTION For convincing depth of penetration

The effectiveness of the Evolution® is especially clear when shooting through bones of the largest game animals. Whereas traditional semijacketed bullets fragment after hitting thick bone, leaving little energy left for penetration and an exit wound, the Evolution® bullet retains most of its original mass. A special Power Bonding process fuses the lead core with the tombac jacket so that an almost 100% weight retention is achieved and thereby a high probability of an exit wound with attendant reduced waste of valuable venison. The Evolution® bullet is naturally accurate due to its aerodynamic geometry and base calotte. This results in a flat trajectory and high impact energy, even at longer ranges. The Evolution®, thanks to its favourable design advantages, expands reliably regardless of the game’s size or it’s distance from the shooter. Its outstanding penetration may be relied upon even when encountering heavier than normal game animals.

Its advantages at a glance:

  • Powerful penetration, even through heavy bone!
  • Less venison waste - Power Bonding nearly eliminates fragmentation
  • Aerodynamic bullet shape and ballistic calotte for outstanding accuracy
  • Nickel-plated bullet jacket protects against barrel wear
  • Rapid-X Tip® for quick yet controlled expansion


Uni Classic For heavy game

The UNI Classic bullet complements the ID Classic bullet and has been developed especially for the taking of heavy ungulates and big game. The harder and heavier rear core has less of a tendency to expand which in turn increases penetration. As with the ID Classic, the front core fragments reliably for a violent initial effect. The torpedoshaped boattail assures stable flight characteristics.

Its advantages at a glance:

  • UNIVERSAL for the heaviest game
  • The front core fragments to deliver a quick burst of energy into the target
  • The sharp leading edge cuts hair at the strike, making for easy trailing
  • Harder rear core exhibits limited deformation to deliver the desired exit wound
  • Rear cannelure limits jacket fragmentation
  • Little wasted meat

ID Classic For lighter game

The basic idea behind the ID Classic was to find an ideal combination of expansion as well as penetration into the target. This is achieved by joining two cores of differing hardness by the plug-and-socket method. The soft front core fragments in a controlled manner and thus delivers its energy quickly into the game. The rear core of the ID Classic - in contrast to the UNI Classic - expands more starkly and is therefore especially suitable for light to medium game. The nickel-plated mild steel jacket protects the barrel and gradually thickens towards the rear to assure controlled expansion. The torpedoshaped boattail assures stable flight characteristics.

Its advantages at a glance:

  • IDEAL for light and medium game
  • Quick partial fragmentation for energetic impact
  • An exit wound is the rule
  • The sharp leading edge cuts hair at the strike, making for easy trailing
  • Core lock to control deformation

Kegelspitz KS For best accuracy

Regardless whether the game is large or small, this bullet deforms in a controlled manner and gives an even distribution of energy into the animal. A slug with an effectively enlarged frontal area remains to carry through to a certain exit. The secret lies in the optimised ratio of the thickness of the jacket to the hardness of the core. The shape of the bullet provides great accuracy and reduced air resistance.

Its advantages at a glance:

  • Uncommon accuracy due to its long bearing surface
  • The deep cannelure at the rear of the bullet stops deformation and provides a compact slug with a high probability of making an exit
  • Leaves few fragments behind in the tissue of the game

H-Mantel HM For best effect

The H-Mantel bullet is famous for its unique H-groove, a break-away constriction midway down the jacket mantle. It promotes the separation of the two bullet cores of differing hardness and is responsible for the dual action of the bullet: The front section rapidly disintegrates at the strike, delivering a massive blow. The cylindrical rear section separates at the H-groove and passes through even large game without any noticeable deformation, reliably delivering the desired exit. The base drag of the rear section ensures that most of the front section’s fragments are drawn out through the wound channel behind it.

Its advantages at a glance:

  • A very effective bullet
  • Controlled fragmentation thanks to the H-crimp constriction
  • Cylindrical rear section ensures a certain exit
  • Minimal meat loss

Twin Core DK For controlled deformation and shock effect

The Doppelkern bullet is made of two lead cores of differing hardness. The front core fragments reliably and assures an instantaneous effect. Controlling the process of deformation is a unique tombac capsule separating the hard rear core from the softer front core. Since both cores have the same weight, a perfect mix of violent impact and probability of exit is the result. This design produces a straight wound channel for the all-important exit.

Its advantages at a glance:

  • Good and certain reaction to the shot
  • Extremely short runs after the shot
  • The sharp leading edge cuts hair at the strike, making for easy trailing
  • Controlled and rapid impact for an instantaneous effect
  • Certain exit guarantees an adequate blood trail
  • Minimal meat loss

Full Metal Jacket VM For deepest penetration

The Full Metal Jacket VM bullet is especially suitable for the taking of predators as well as black grouse. When shooting heavy game such as buffalo, it reliably penetrates heavy bones and flesh. The prerequisite for reliable penetration is a closed point which is further reinforced in the larger calibres. Smaller calibre bullets have sharp points (VMS) whereas the larger calibres feature rounded tips (VMR).


Evolution Green Satisfying shocking power - lead free

The RWS EVOLUTION GREEN is a partially fragmenting, lead-free bullet featuring a series of interdependent constructive details. The RWS EVOLUTION GREEN achieves its convincing performance with dual cores made from food-safe tin and featuring a special pre-fragmentation of the frontal core. Working together with the Speed Tip point, this creates outstanding shocking power even at long ranges. This bullet is suitable for all ordinary game animals, but is ideal for use against light to medium game.


HIT Convincing penetration - lead-free

The RWS HIT is a lead-free expanding bullet with high weight retention due to its monolithic construction. The unique HIT Matrix with the RWS TC-Tip (Twin-Compression-Tip) and the RWS ACC (Active-Crater-Cavity) guarantees fast and certain expansion with great shocking power, even at long ranges. The compact slug, which retains 99% of its original weight, assures deep penetration and a certain exit wound - even after striking bone! This makes the RWS HIT the appropriate lead-free alternative for those favouring non-fragmenting bullets. This bullet is suitable for all ordinary game animals, but is ideal for use against medium to heavy game.

SOFTPOINT TM For great energy delivery

The Softpoint is a bullet type that has for decades been a proven performer and still has many admirers. Thanks to its proven design, this bullet delivers great energy into the game and has good stopping power. With rugged round (TMR) or pointed (TMS) bullet tips.

Its advantages at a glance:

  • Quickly deforms in both light as well as heavy game
  • Great energy delivery
  • Rugged nose for rough duty