Types of use

Which boot will fit me perfectly? Which boot should I buy? These are important questions and come up every time you buy a new pair of shoes or boots. Boots with different fields of application are constructed in different ways. The Meindl terrain categories help immediately with which boot works best for each activity and terrain. Already in 1976 Alfons Meindl had developed these categories, which are still universal validity for every purchase of boots.


      The boot for low level walking – for those who want sturdy and fashionable Meindl shoes and         boots for leisure and everyday wear.

      *Leisure, daily life, traveling, walking

      *Good roads, parks, daily life



        Introductory boot for walking and trekking          – on high alpine pastures, in low moun-                tain  ranges and on maintained paths.

         *Easy walks in the flat country, low                       mountain range or in the Prealps

                                          *Good and not so good paths


         Trekking „classic

         The trekking „classic“ – for lengthy walks and comfortable hikes in a gentle alpine landscape.

         *Demanding hikes in the mountains, light trekking in the mountains of the world

         *Even on bad roads


           Trekking boot

           Trekking boot for ambitious trekking – in             low alpine ranges and on fixed rope                     routes (light irons possible).

            *Sophisticated Trekking, hard walks,                    high mountains

                                          *Even on rough paths and trails,                                                            boulders, climbing routes


            The alpine boot

            The alpine boot – particularly stable for alpine trekking in rocky landscapes, on rock faces,              scree and glaciers; suitable for use with crampons.

            *Tours in high mountains, on glaciers, hardest trekking tours

            *Glacier, worst paths or pathless, boulders, climbing routes uk swiss watches



             Ultimate alpine boot

             The ultimate alpine boot – completely reliable for extreme use in critical landscapes,                         totally robust for use with crampons

             *Absolutely suitable for crampons

                                              *Pathless, glaciers, ice-toures extreme, ice climbing


Source: https://meindl.de/service/type-of-use/?lang=en