What to do if the safe, which was intact yesterday, cannot be opened? What could be the reasons of the problem and what should sequence of actions be in this case? Following the advice of the Griffon service specialists, you can avoid such difficulties or quickly eliminate the problem of opening the safe, if one has already happened.

So, first of all let's consider the reasons why the safe does not open.

Suppose you have a safe with a key lock and it cannot be opened, the reasons for this may be the following:

  • the working part of the key is damaged (the bit is bent or broken);
  • in the end of the key, which has a hole for the guide, there are foreign objects (debris), or the hole itself is deformed;
  • foreign objects got into the keyhole.

In the case of a safe with an electronic combination lock, the following reasons are the most common:

  • the battery is low, in other words - the battery has run out;
  • entering the wrong password several times, up to blocking the lock for a while;
  • one of the elements of the electronic lock (keypad, lock) has come out of order.

If the mechanical lock does not open, then most likely the user of the safe entered the password incorrectly.

And what is the procedure for resolving the problem of opening a safe?

Here are a few simple steps that our specialists recommend.

In the case of a key lock

  • inspect the key for defects (a bit may be bent or even broken);
  • the deformation of the key itself and the presence of a hole defect in it, - if there is a hole in the key, then foreign objects (waste) may be present in it, if any, they must be removed;
  • if a foreign object got into the ke yhole (the key is not fully inserted), then you should remove it if possible.

With the electronic combination lock, the following steps should be taken:

  • if the battery is not sufficiently charged, then it must be replaced with a full one; 
  • when entering the wrong code, 2-4 times, wait until the lock is unlocked and dial the correct combination;
  • if the electronic lock has the function “5” (check whether all the buttons on the dial pad work), check the dial pad.

As for the mechanics, you need to carefully and correctly enter the code using a code-mechanical lock according to the instructions.

In general, before you start using the safe, no matter what kind of lock it has, first of all you need to carefully study the instructions and follow all the recommendations contained therein. In the case when the user of the safe cannot solve the problem on his own, we recommend contacting the Paritet-K service department - our specialists will advise and help in resolving the problem that may arise during the incorrect use of the safe.


Source: https://griffonsafes.com.ua/en/blogs/Neotkrivaetsa-sejf