If you google the list of essential hunting gear, you will find that hunting boots are included in basically each and every guides. It is because hunters do understand the importance of having good foot protection on their hunting trips. While we absolutely agree with that, we also want to mention the type of footwear overlooked by many hunters: hunting socks.

In reality, having a good pair of hunting boots means you just complete half of the task for protecting your feet.

To realize the whole potential benefits of these boots, you need quality socks that do not work against you as well.

Before we go into details of factors to consider in buying the right hunting socks, let’s look at reasons:

Why you need the right quality socks?

  • They can give you good comfort There is no way you feel comfortable while walking for miles to the hunting location with a pair of moisture-absorbing sock.Good socks can provide cushion for your feet.
  • They help you choose hunting boots that fit Hunting boots are considered as a worthy investment for hunters. That is why they spend a lot of time and effort on finding the right ones. However, many hunters make a big mistake: they try on the boots with just everyday socks. It is highly recommended that hunters put on the sock (or combination of socks) they intend to wear in hunting or hiking. Stay away from boots that are too short because they allow no room for layer of socks.
  • They play an important role in preventing blisters Besides a pair of well-fitting boots, you need good socks and also a sock liner to wick away moisture – they are the second line of defense. It is always a good idea to bring several pair of socks to make sure your feet are always dry.
  • They keep the feet warm in cold weather Having cold feet can quickly ruin your hunting trip, leaving you shiver in the cold while waiting for your game. Insulated boots are not enough; you need extra protection from good socks. These socks also keep your feet dry in hot weather. Socks Keep the Feet Warm In Cold Weather.

Factors to consider in buying the right hunting socks

  • COMFORT This is the most important factor. Even the most expensive socks with great thermal quality and materials are not worth buying if they do not make you feel comfortable. The only way to know for sure is trying on the socks before making a purchase. You should also look for arch and extra cushioning on the toe and heels.
  • Thermal qualities After comfort, you should pay attention to this factor, which is especially important in the winter hunting season. Look for socks that can keep your feet warm for at least 10 hours. You will never know when you can get caught in a heavy snow or have a hard time finding your way out.
  • Thickness You probably have to make a compromise when it comes to thickness. Thin socks are lightweight; they dry very fast and give your feet extra room in the boots. Thick socks are obviously warmer, providing you with better insulation Image source: rockymountainbushcraft.blogspot.com On the other hand, thick socks are obviously warmer, providing you with better insulation. While thicker socks are preferred for hunting trips, you can always bring a change of thin socks with you when the weather is not really cold.
  • Durability This is obviously a factor you should take note. Surely, no one likes paying for a pair of socks that only can last one time or two. Durability has a lot to do with the type of sock material you choose.
  • Extra features: Moisture management and anti-odor These are features that mostly available in a number of high-end products. If you have extra cash to spend, opt for these factors for the best comfort.

What are the best materials for hunting socks?

Wool and silk socks are the best when it comes to comfort.

Wool socks also excel in terms of insulation. Heavyweight wool socks beat those made of synthetic fibers big time in keeping your feet dry and cool even in wet conditions. While they take longer to dry than silk and other materials, their benefits are just too great to ignore and you can always bring several pairs just in case.

The best quality hunting socks are made of wood blended with some nylon or lycra.

For cheap socks, you can go with those made of acrylic, polyester, or cotton. Cotton is not exactly a good material for hunting socks because it absorbs water a lot. Cotton socks should go with a liner sock underneath to wick sweat away.

Cheap socks, however, can compromise your comfort and make your hunting trip become a terrible experience. Besides, you have to take care of them carefully. It is advised that you spend a little bit more for better comfort and durability.

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