While Sightmark’s MAKE YOUR MARK tagline perfectly illustrates our mission to provide uncompromising accuracy in virtually any environment, to us, those three words mean quite a bit more.

   MAKE YOUR MARK represents our commitment; first, to those who serve; second, to our Constitutional right to bear arms, the right ensuring all others remain intact; and finally, every single professional and recreational shooting enthusiast embracing and sharing our Pro-2nd Amendment lifestyle.

   MAKE YOUR MARK also symbolizes our desire to build more than a brand people know they can trust. It represents our higher calling to build an honorable, unapologetic legacy, truly appreciative of the fabric of a free society to pass on to future generations. Only accomplishing the latter truly embodies the gravity of what MAKE YOUR MARK means to us.

   In the spirit of gratitude for those who preserve freedom as we know it to be, MAKE YOUR MARK is a call to action. One we take seriously when it comes to developing products worthy of our brand… and our lifetime warranty. The same brand countless professionals rely upon for performance in the best… and most assuredly, worst of times.

WRAITH SERIES Sightmark introduces its new revolutionary and versatile Wraith digital riflescope, the perfect scope for day and nighttime use. The high-resolution Wraith is designed for all hunting applications including hog, predator and even deer. Added features include a color mode for daytime shooting, black and white or classic green for nighttime use and comes complete with a removable 850nm IR Illuminator with an outstanding detection range of 200 yards. The Wraith also boasts 10 different reticles along with 9 different colors to choose from and features a 4x optical magnification with 8x digital zoom. This digital riflescope features a 1080p HD sensor for highresolution imaging, 1080p HD photo/video recording and is equipped with a micro SD memory card slot. Powered by 4 AA batteries for up to 4.5 hours of battery life, the Wraith includes a micro USB power input for external power.


  • 1080P HD digital imaging
  • Daytime color mode
  • Night vision mode
  • HD photo or video recording (memory card not included)
  • 8x digital zoom
  • 10 reticle options with 9 colors
  • Power input
  • Additional Weaver rail for accessories
  • 5 weapon profile saves


  • IR flashlight
  • Objective lens cover
  • Fixed Picatinny mount
  • User manual


  • Sensor Resolution, pixels: 1920x1080
  • Display Type: FLCOS
  • Display Resolution, pixels: 1280x720
  • Magnification: 4x
  • Lens Diameter, mm: 50
  • Digital Zoom: 1-8x
  • Field of View, ft@100yd: 18
  • Eye Relief, in/mm: 2.4 / 60
  • IR Emitter: LED
  • IR Wavelength, nm: 850 NV
  • Detection Range, yd/m: 200yd / 183m
  • Battery Type: 4xAA Battery
  • Life, hour: 4.5
  • Dimensions, in/mm: 10.5x1.875x3 / 266x63x75
  • Weight (with batteries), oz: 36.3


The Sightmark Wraith uses four AA batteries. It is recommended to use batteries of the same type and same charge for best performance. To install new batteries:

  1. Pull out battery access handle.
  2. Turn handle counter clockwise until the battery cap can be pulled off completely.
  3. Insert batteries in to slots in orientation indicated.
  4. Put battery cap back on and turn handle clockwise until fully tightened.


This unit is equipped with a Micro USB port for external power. The Micro USB port is located under the rubber cover on the side of the unit.


This unit is equipped with a memory card slot used for recording. The card slot is located under the rubber cover on the side of the unit.


The unit is fitted with a Picatinny mount. To attach:

  1. Loosen both mount thumbscrews.
  2. Place mount on to Picatinny rail aligning the bolts with the Picatinny rail slots. Check eye relief and adjust to the proper position.
  3. Tighten thumbscrews to 20-25 inch pounds.


The Sightmark Wraith’s eyepiece (1) is designed to rotate to adjust for diopter. The diopter is the measurement of the eye’s curvature. People’s eyes are all curved differently. If the display does not appear clear, crisp, or sharp, rotate the eyepiece until the reticle becomes clear and focused. This adjustment should stay the same unless the unit’s operator changes. To adjust diopter:

  1. Locate the diopter adjustment. (1)
  2. Turn the adjustment left or right until the display becomes focused. (Use icons or numbers on the display to check screen focus as the actual image through the viewfinder may need to be focused as well.)


To adjust focus:

  • Locate the focus adjustment. (9)
  • Turn the adjustment left or right until the image becomes focused.


Digital Zoom - Use the up and down arrows to adjust the magnification. This unit has a digital magnification range up to 8x.

Day/Night/Green Mode - Use the left button to toggle between day, night B/W, night green.

Menu/Power - To power on the unit, hold the center button until the unit turns on. To turn it off, hold until the display shuts off. To access the menu, click the button and the menu will open.

Video Record/Photo - Press the right button to activate recording. Press again to stop recording. When in photo mode, pressing the button will take a photo.


To adjust the angle of the IR illuminator:

  1. Loosen the two bolts holding the IR illuminator.
  2. Adjust the angle of the illuminator in place by apply pressure to the front or rear of the illuminator.
  3. Tighten the two bolts that were loosened.

[Twist the focus adjustment to adjust the beam width]

To operate the IR Illuminator:

  1. Press the button on the rear of the illuminator.
  2. The illuminator has three brightness levels (low, medium, high) and they can be cycled by clicking the button.


  1. Boresight the rifle to get the riflescope close to zero. For more information on boresighting see http://sm-wraith.com/zero/.
  2. Take 1 to 3 shots on a paper target while aiming at the center.
  3. Open the menu and go to Reticle Settings and then Reticle Zero.
  4. While keeping the crosshair on the point of aim (the center of the target in this case) use the arrows to move the red adjustment reticle to the bullet hole or the center of the grouping of bullet holes if you took 3 shots.
  5. Press the center button to save and exit the menu.
  6. Take 1 to 3 additional shots. The scope should now be zeroed. If these shots were not on target restart, from step 3.

The numbers shown on screen represent the offset from the center of the screen. They are not needed for the zeroing process, but may be useful for re-adjusting back to a known zero if you save these numbers.


  1. Open the menu and go to Reticle Settings.
  2. Select either Reticle Color or Reticle Style and press the center button.
  3. Use the up and down buttons to choose a reticle or color and press the center button to save and exit the menu.


The Wraith HD has five weapon profiles. These profiles store the reticle setting.

  • To edit these profiles:
  1. Open the menu and go to Weapon Select.
  2. Select a profile number and click the right button.
  3. Use the up, down, left and right buttons to adjust the characters to show the desired caliber and grain. This is just to help remember what each profile is.
  4. All reticle and zeroing changes will be applied to the last profile selected.
  • To select a profile:
  1. Open the menu and go to Weapon Select.
  2. Select a profile number and click the center button.
  3. All reticle and zeroing changes will be applied to the last profile selected.


  • To change resolution setting:
  1. Open the menu and go to Settings and then Resolution.
  2. Use the up and down button to select the desired resolution.
  3. Use the center button to save and exit the setting.


  • To switch between video recording and photo mode:
  1. Open the menu and go to Settings and then Record Mode.
  2. Use the up or down button to select either photo or video.
  3. Use the center button to save and exit the setting.
  • Take a video/photo:
  1. When looking through the unit either, a photo or video symbol will be displayed in the lower left of the screen.
  2. Press the right button to take a photo/start recording video.
  3. Press a second time to stop recording.
  • To watch playback of videos:
  1. Open the menu and go to Playback.
  2. Use the up and down arrows to look through the existing photos and videos.
  3. Press the center button to watch the video.


  • To Adjust Brightness:
  1. Open the menu and go to Brightness.
  2. Adjust the brightness slider up or down to adjust the brightness.
  3. Press the center button to save the setting and exit the menu.


  • To set the time/date:
  1. Open the menu.
  2. Go to settings and then Time/Date.
  3. Select Time Set or Date.
  4. Adjust Time/Date using up, down, left, and right buttons.
  5. Press the center button to save and exit.


  • To update the firmware:
  1. Confirm the batteries are full and/or connect external power.
  2. Download the latest firmware from our website at http://sm-wraith.com/firmware/.
  3. Copy the firmware file on to the root of your micro memory card. The file should not be placed in a folder in the card.
  4. Confirm the filename is SD_UPDATE.BRN.
  5. Insert the micro memory card in to the riflescope card slot.
  6. Open the menu.
  7. Go to Settings and then Firmware.
  8. Select Firmware Update.
  9. When update is complete the unit will shut off. This can take a few minutes
  • To perform a factory data reset:
  1. Open the menu using the center button.
  2. Go to Settings and then Factory Data Reset.
  3. Use the arrow buttons to navigate to Yes and select it with the center button.

Warning: This will completely reset the unit to factory settings including all reticle zero settings.


The unit is equipped with a sleep mode feature. This lets the unit conserve battery while also allowing the unit to quickly reactivate.

  • To activate sleep mode: Hold the down button for 4-5 seconds when the unit is on and not inside a menu. The screen should turn off.
  • To activate the unit when in sleep mode: Press the power button and the unit should quickly turn on.


Proper maintenance of the Sightmark Wraith is recommended to ensure longevity. Attempts to disassemble or repair the unit will void the warranty. It is recommended that when the unit becomes dirty that it is wiped down with a dry or slightly damp cloth. Blow dirt and debris off all optics and then clean lenses with a lens cleaning cloth. To remove oils or dried water spots, apply a small amount of denatured alcohol to a lens cloth or cotton swab. Clean the surface of the lens and let dry. Finally use your breath to clean the lens once more. No further maintenance is required.


Never ship back a product without getting proper authorization beforehand. Doing so could result in losing the product due to a multitude of reasons, i.e. sending it to the wrong address and other problems associated with unexpected packages.

The unit will not turn on:

  1. Check the polarity of the batteries. Reinstall the batteries if necessary.
  2. Clean the battery compartment contacts with denatured alcohol and a cotton swab.
  3. Install fresh batteries.

The IR illuminator will not turn on:

  1. Adjust the brightness of the IR.
  2. Adjust the display brightness.
  3. If no IR light is being detected the unit may need to be returned for service.

The image is dark:

  1. Make sure the lens caps on the objective lens is opened and the IR illuminator is on.
  2. Adjust the display brightness and the IR illuminator brightness accordingly to obtain a bright, clear image.

There are light or black dots on the display:

  1. The presence of dots on the display is caused by sensor production technology and is not a defect. No action is required.

The image is not in focus:

  1. Make sure there is no dust or condensation covering the objective lens or eyepiece.
  2. Adjust the focus ring near the objective lens to adjust focus for different viewing distances.
  3. Make sure to adjust the diopter setting on the eyepiece for your specific vision.

The image is flickering: ​

  1. This is common if the unit is viewing or pointing in the direction of a bright light source. Cease viewing the bright light source immediately. If flickering in normal dark conditions the unit may need to be returned for service.