DDupleks is experienced designer and manufacturer of ammunition, offering innovative and high quality shotgun ammunition for hunting , military and law enforcement needs. The ammunition designs are based on unique manufacturing technologies and material - steel.

The steel ammunitions produced by DDupleks are radically different from the traditional lead ammunitions. Although it is an atypical ammunition material, steel provides the opportunity bullets to be shaped in the most favorable way for their flight characteristics and expansive effect. As a result, these ammunitions have unusual qualities, undoubtedly competitive with those of traditional lead bullets.


  • Highest precision

DDupleks ammunitions are made of solid material, which ensures that the latter will fully retain their shape throughout the flight until they hit the target. The polyethylene used in the construction of the bullets is very hard and even after flexible deformation.

  • Safe use

The high precision of the steel ammunitions and their ability to withstand ricochets significantly increase safety during hunting or sport shooting, even when shooting at longer distances.

  • Perfect for long distances

Thanks to their perfect balance and different shape, steel ammunitions are more accurate than lead ones, especially when shooting at long distances.

  • Greater breakthrough capabilities

When they hit an obstacle softer than steel, the bullets produced by D Duplex first retain their shape, then pierce it and continue their original flight trajectory. The effect of preserving the original trajectory is most noticeable in experimental shooting on various metal structures. The bullet does not disintegrate, instead it transfers all its energy to its target.

  • No fragmentation and large entrance holes

Slug expands immediately after hitting the body, providing large entrance holes and massive blood-tracks. The shockwave strike on respiratory, circulatory and neural systems ceases an animal’s vital processes instantly. Each of these three effects is powerful enough to provide a fast and lethal outcome. When enforced all together, they ensure an extremely fast result.

  • Reduced ricochet possibility








Source: https://www.ddupleks.com/