The natural world is not primarily about solid colour- it deals in shades, highlights, contrasts and mid-tones. When out hunting very rarely are you stood still in front of a tree. More often than not, you are on the move. This presents the problem if your camouflage, like most of the photo-realistic versions, is designed only to blend into a wooded terrain.

The concept of the PRYM1 patterns is the so-called "Stipple Effect".

We used this core concept to mimic the fragmentation of a solid form, the hunter, by using organic, varying shapes, not just dots and hexagons, and never straight lines.

Hawker is designed for stalking. It features an active fit and other superb freedom of movement. The partnership of our Hawker range with the innovative PRYM 1 Woodlands Camo® has produced the complete solution for stalking - Hawker PRYM1 Woodlands.

 Hawker PRYM1 Shell Jacket

       -  Ergonomic Fit  

  •         - Low weight and low noise












 Hawker PRYM1 Shell Trousers


          - Flexible three-layer

          - Articulated knees











Gloves and facecover


      - To complete your outfit

      - Scent control

















 Hawker PRYM1 Storm Fleece


      - Windbeater® Superflex membrane

      - Ergonomic fit











The PRYM1 Woodlands pattern is based on an understanding of how light diffuses and fragments through the tree cover, whether in full sun or on cloudy days, producing at ground level a dappled, contrast-rich stippling – "the Stipple Effect" – that disrupts outlines and creates camouflage.

The PRYM1 non-directional, hybrid camo is the perfect next step to enhancing ease of movement in our Hawker range. The PRYM1 Woodlands pattern has been developed specifically as a concealment solution that offers flexibility of movement to the active hunter in a wooded environment, based on the use of organic shapes.

"Years of study led me to develop PRYM1 Camo, which uses the colours and textures of nature with the organic patterns of wildlife to create a camouflage with the effectiveness of a predator." - Stacie Walker, Founder/Creator of Prym1 Camo ®

Not only does the PRYM1 Woodlands pattern allow the hunter to avoid detection at greater distances, but it is also highly effective at the close range – when concealment matters most.

Hawker PRYM1 Woodlands – perfect for stalking.