“START SMART” – this is the key message of SWAROVSKI OPTIK’s first digital rifle scope. Configuring the rifle scope via the app is also a smart function. The dS projects relevant information in the high-resolution head-up display in real time without distractions, and automatically displays the correct aiming point. The aiming point is calculated on the basis of the individual ballistic data for the firearm/ammunition combination that is entered using the dS Configurator app. The calculated ballistic curve is transferred directly to the rifle scope via Bluetooth®. It is also easy to enter a number of different settings via the app


Download, connection

Install the dS Configurator app on your smartphone (Android or iOS). Activate Bluetooth® on your smartphone and on the dS and in this way connect your phone to the rifle scope. Compare the serial number of the dS with the one displayed in the app. You can also test it by selecting a demo rifle scope.

Personal ballistic data

No manual adjustments need to be made any more to the rifle scope. The personal ballistic data for your firearm/ammunition combination, determined during sighting in, are used to calculate the aiming point. You input your personal data via the smartphone app and the result – the calculated ballistic curve – is transmitted directly to the dS.

Personal settings

Meters or yards, the crosswind setting for the windage marks (the options available are 3/6 m/s (5/10 mph) or 5/10 m/s (10/20 mph), always from 90°), the display duration (40, 60, or 80 seconds), and the point and stroke width displayed as small, medium, or large: all these settings can be configured in the app according to your personal preferences and requirements.

The app can be downloaded for free from Google Play and the App Store.


Source: https://aa.swarovskioptik.com/