The SWAROVSKI OPTIK ballistic program offers hunters a standard, user-friendly interface for calculating ballistics. Our software is tailored to your particular hunting needs and helps you to work out the aiming points of the long-range reticle. You can also identify the required correction values for the downrange distances you want for the ballistic turret.

The ballistic program is compatible with Z8i ; Z6(i) ; X5(i) ; Z5 ; Z4i ;Z3 ; PV ; PV-I ; AV.

Go to the online ballistic program HERE.


Select rifle scope

You can select your particular SWAROVSKI OPTIK rifle scope, but please be careful to use its exact name.

Select ammunition

You can select the ammunition by choosing the standard ammunition you use from a large database (including manufacturer, caliber, bullet, bullet weight, muzzle velocity). Tip: Measure the actual muzzle velocity for your firearm/ammunition combination to ensure total accuracy. If you use hand-loaded ammunition, click on “Handload.” If you do not have the ballistic coefficients you need to work out your trajectory, you can calculate them by clicking on “Calculate BC.”

Select conditions

Under “Conditions” you can select “Base settings” or “Expert mode” to define additional atmospheric conditions, such as air pressure, humidity, and temperature.

Reticle, table, ballistic turret, PBC/PXC/PBR

After you have input all the relevant data for the calculation, you must click on the “submit” button. Now you have the option to select your preferred long-range shooting solution.

If you click on the “table” button, a list appears showing the elevation and windage, as well as the velocity and the energy at different distances.

To calculate the other individually adjustable distances for the ballistic turrets, the zero range entered should not be less than 100 m or 100 yds. Under the ballistic turret animation, after selecting your desired zero range, the point of impact is given in cm/100 m and inch/100 yards so that you can work out your sighting-in distance.

All models with a ballistic turret can have the cam or ring (PBC, PXC, PBR accessories) personalized by engraving it with the data you enter based on your choice of ammunition.

Available online or as an app for iOS and Android (in German and English)