When you have the opportunity to turn up the temperature in your clothes with built-in heating, it is annoying if the battery is exhausted late in the day. With extra batteries in the bag, you're ready for even more hours of fun outside in even biting cold.

If you like to enjoy nature outside the scope of civilization in a mountain cabin or a long walk along the beach, it is important to be well prepared. A packed lunch, water, warm clothes and maybe a cell phone is probably standard in the backpack. But have you also remembered your accessories and extra batteries for your clothes?

When choosing Nordic Heat clothing, you can adjust the amount of luggage as the battery heated clothing can replace several layers of clothing or a thick lined winter jacket. When you stand still, the cold can easily come creeping. Then you just turn on the heat of the clothes and a comfortable temperature spreads throughout the body through the fine carbon fiber woven into the clothes. The supplied batteries can provide heat for up to eight hours depending on the chosen level, but are you out for a longer time, or if you need maximum performance in the heat all day, it's important to remember extra power supplies.

Accessories provide extra freedom

Nordic Heat offers a range of products as accessories for the primary heating products, giving you even more hours of warmth when you need it. Enjoy the freedom to determine the temperature inside from top to toe yourself.

Backup heat in pocket size

The extra batteries are charged with the same charger that comes with all Nordic Heat products. The lightweight lithium battery in pocket size can give you warmth for over eight hours depending on the heat level and the product you connect it with. The batteries are 2600mAh (7,4V) with USB output, so you can also use them as a power bank for your other electronic devices such as phone, light bulb or a radio. For Nordic Heat heated gloves and mittens, you will need the specially designed smaller 1800mAh battery, which, like Nordic Heat's other batteries, can be recharged over 500 times.

Double up the heat

Over the past few years, both outdoor men, sportsmen and craftsmen have embraced the Nordic Heat collection of clothing. All products are manufactured in a durable, breathable and water repellent material that endures being used. Nordic Heat's ambition is to offer clothes and accessories in as high a quality as a professional expects of their other equipment. By using battery heated clothing, you extend the amount of time you are outdoor or enjoying your activities such as hunting, riding, sailing or gardening. And if you have extra batteries, you can enjoy twice as long heat for your body, fingers and feet. It gives more freedom to know that it's you and not the cold that decides when to pull inside.

Bridge connection for charging two batteries simultaneously

The split charger / bridge connection is convenient for especially Nordic Heats battery heated underwear, which has a split-sewn battery compartment in both the upper and lower part with space for two batteries. Here you have between 3 and 10 hours of heat depending on the heat level and without battery change. The bridge connector can also be used for charging two batteries at the same time.

Development based on experience

Nordic Heat constantly develops new solutions that make battery heated clothing even better. Through ongoing feedback from many satisfied customers like athletes, outdoor enthusiasts and craftsmen, Nordic Heat delivers the details so that users' wishes for the greatest possible freedom of movement in the built-in heat are best met.

Security has the highest priority

Your safety is important for us in Nordic Heat. Therefore, we constantly test our products to be absolutely sure that they comply with applicable requirements and legislation. All products are CE and RoHS approved and are manufactured in an ISO9001 certified factory with high quality control.