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we would like to inform you that we have taken all measures that health institutes have imposed. Our shop is still working in reduced staff and our website also remains in full operation around the clock. You orders online will be send in 1-2 working days. Please, be responsible and stay safe! Wish you all better new time soon!

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20 Mar GORE-TEX® SURROUND® technology
Zarimex 0 68
  ​GORE-TEX® SURROUND® FOOTWEAR       ​   EXTREMELY BREATHABLE     Enjoy best-in-class climate management. Our innovative and extremely breathable technology allows your foot to breathe in eve..
20 Mar What Is PrimaLoft Insulation And Why Is It Better Than Down?
Zarimex 0 26
What Is PrimaLoft Insulation And Why Is It Better Than Down? There’s no denying that high-quality down is the champion at providing warmth in dry weather. But, it also has several downsides; such a..
20 Mar Polygiene® Odor control technology
Zarimex 0 17
  POLYGIEN® ODOR CONTROL TECHNOLOGY       How it works Sweat is a natural response to any physical activity. The cooling and heat dispersing actions of up to 2.6 million    sweat glands in t..
19 Mar Meindl: What type are you?
Zarimex 0 30
Types of use Which boot will fit me perfectly? Which boot should I buy? These are important questions and come up every time you buy a new pair of shoes or boots. Boots with different fields of a..
19 Mar How to chose socks?
Zarimex 0 28
If you google the list of essential hunting gear, you will find that hunting boots are included in basically each and every guides. It is because hunters do understand the importance of having good fo..
07 Jan Warm vests in high quality and stylish design Nordic Heat
Zarimex 0 149
WARM VESTS IN HIGH QUALITY AND STYLISH DESIGN ​ When the frost bites there is absolutely no need to sit inside and wait for milder weather. With a battery heated vest you'll have a comfortable wa..
11 Dec Hat / Neck-buff and gloves with battery heating
Zarimex 0 15
HAT/NECK-BUFF AND GLOVES WITH BATTERY HEATING ​ Gloves and Head gear with built-in heat keeps you warm A warm helping hand for frozen fingers and ears: Heated gloves and head gear with built-in heat..
05 Nov Underwear / Base layer with built-in-heat
Zarimex 0 19
UNDERWEAR/BASE LAYER WITH BUILT-IN HEAT     Don't let the cold and biting winter stop your activities. With battery heated zones in your long underwear you can simply turn on the heat when you sta..
25 Oct Garmont Nemesis GTX: The anywhere, anything boot by Lynsey Davis
Zarimex 0 55
   When it’s time to invest in a new pair of boots, you want it to be just that– an investment, and not wasted money. Rest assured, you will find that the Garmont Nemesis boots are worth it.    No mat..
17 Oct Meindl DiGafix® technology
Zarimex 0 17
DiGAfix® - elastic, non-compression, diagonal fastening - allows lacing "covering" the foot. In order to ensure optimal lacing and fitting, the fastening point at DIGAfix® 1. Lies much lower than t..
16 Oct Frequently asked questions about Nordic Heat battery clothing
Zarimex 0 26
             FREQUENT QUESTIONS TO NORDIC HEAT BATTERY CLOTHING     1. Which countries do Nordic Heat ship to? We plan ship to countries all over Europe, including Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. ..
18 Sep Accessories Nordic Heat - double heat
Zarimex 0 15
REMEMBER ACCESSORES IF YOU WANT TO ENJOY TWICE AS LONG HEAT   When you have the opportunity to turn up the temperature in your clothes with built-in heating, it is annoying if the battery is exhaust..
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