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15 Sep Harkila customer care
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You ask - the manufacturer answer 1.        WHAT DO I DO IN CASE OF A DEFECT? If your Härkila product is defective, we kindly ask you to contact the store where you purchased it. Please remember to ..
15 Sep Leica Germany in Zarimex Bulgaria
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"Making history means ...      ...setting something in motion. Shaping the future means dedicating yourself to striving for new innovation every single day."  Leica's history begins more than 100-..
12 Sep GoreTex® - The waterproof and breathable membrane
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With GoreTex inside, you will feel perfect outside! Coming soon....
15 Sep Meet the stool that walks - Walkstool
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Walkstool is a Swedish invention and the only three legged stool in the world with telescopic legs, patents and trademark protections. The very first model of Walkstool was introduced on the market at..
15 Sep Inside the Gore-Tex secret test centre: what does 'waterproof' really mean?
02 Aug How to care about our Harkila clothes?
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Learn how to care for your Härkila hunting clothes. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us.            1.      COTTON Cotton is durable and easy to care for..
04 Nov Sauer rifles and the raises questions
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These are the questions that in Ivythorn Sporting get asked most often about Sauer Rifles. This information below is thanks to them.  Q: Why does a Sauer cost a lot more than say a Tikka (itself a ve..
02 Aug Harkila footwear - synonym of quality, durability and comfort
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Our feet are immensely important to our well-being, as they are particularly exposed to the cold. Furthermore, our feet carry the entire body and are often the part that tires the quickest. This is wh..
02 Aug Frequently asked questions about Walkstool
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1. Can I use my Walkstool as a portable step stool ? No. It is not safe to attempt to stand on any three-legged stool. 2. Can Walkstool be used in the sand ? Yes, Walkstool can be used in the sand..
26 Jul Harkila boots - approved by Gore
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Travel in peace with the new scheduling options. The new Schedule feature allows you to display any module at specific dates in the future, or to disable any module automatically at a certain time and..
04 Nov Why to choose Harkila Pro Hunter Wild Boar?
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  Explore the Wild Boar suit:   Pro Hunter Wild Boar features: ​                                                   Made with advanced textile technologies High quality, waterproof, wind..
04 Nov How can an ammunition producer be different ...
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... in a world where components, machinery  and manpower are accessible to everyone?"This concern is the source of our creativity, the driving force of our inspiration and success. In Lambro we belie..
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