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About Us

Founded in 1998, Zarimex ltd. specializes in trading with firearms, hunting and gas weapons, air rifles, blank cartridges, hunting and small arms cartridges as well as with clothing, tactical equipment. The company is situated in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, having thus lots of opportunities for expansion and development.

Since its foundation, Zarimex ltd. has established business relationships with many companies.

Zarimex company is a representative of the following brands for Bulgaria:

  • „J. P. Sauer” Germany
  • „Anschutz GmbH & Co. KG” Germany
  • „Krieghoff GmbH” Germany
  • „Armsan” Turkey
  • „Hatsan Arms Company” Turkey
  • „Walther” Germany
  • „Diana” Germany
  • „Umarex” Germany
  • „Voltran” (Ekol) Turkey
  • „Atak Arms” (Zoraki) Turkey
  • „RUAG Ammotec” Germany
  • „Nosler” Germany
  • „Cheddite” S.r.l Italy
  • „DDupleks” Latvia
  • „Maxam” Spain
  • „Lambro” Greece
  • „Yavascalar A.S.” Turkey
  • „Wadie” Germany
  • „Sicura” Italy
  • „Leica” Germany
  • „Schmidt & Bender” Germany
  • „VORN” Norway
  • „Noblex Docter” Germany
  • „Sellmark” USA
  • „Seeland International” Denmark
  • „Sitka” USA
  • „Percussion” & „Verney Carron” France
  • „Fobus” Israel
  • „Masc Holster” Turkey
  • „Puma” Germny
  • „Joker” Spain
  • „Walkstool” Sweden
  • „Megaline” Italy
  • „Labradar” USA
  • „Shooting Chrony” USA
  • „TP Logic” USA
  • „Kestrel” USA
  • „KKS” Germany
  • „Ernst Apel” Germany
  • „MSA” France
  • „Ops-core inc.” USA
  • „Eurotarget” Italy
  • „Swarovski” Austria
  • „Nordic Heat” Denmark

Our company is importing different products from China, Taiwan, USA and etc.

As a consequence of its rapid development, the field of activity of our company is constantly expanding. The main reason for our success is the trust, that we endeavour to build upon the foundations of positive attitude, towards our partners, as well as, the flexible policy that we apply towards our customers.

Our field of business includes:

  • Retail shop and website
  • Whosale

Zarimex company supplies over 150 Bulgarian companies and is a supplier of Bulgarian Law Enforcement agencies, Ministry of Interior of Bulgaria, Ministry Of Defence of Bulgaria, Special Forces of Bulgaria, Anti Terrorist Forces, The Agency that guards the President, Prime Minister and etc., Bulgarian Biathlon Federation, Bulgarian Shooting Federation, Bulgarian Dynamic Shooting Federation and etc.

Our company is one of the organizers of the Hunting Fairs in Bulgaria

Email address:

Address: Bulgaria, Sofia, 1 “Osmi Dekemvri” blvd.

Phone: +359 2 874 10 80

Fax: +359 2 876 44 2