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TBI Leasing Terms

   All products offered by Zarimex, both in the physical store and online can be purchased on installment thanks to TBI BANK.

   On our web site, everyone can apply for the purchase on installment of absolutely all products. It is important to know that products that cannot be purchased online and sent by courier service, even with the approval of TBI BANK, will have to be taken personally and against the provision of the necessary documents (if any) from our physical store in Sofia, at 1 Osmi Dekemvri Blvd.

New Online Application Procedure

   With our partners from TBI BANK we have implemented a new online application procedure, which excludes printing and signing documents, photocopying an identity document, and returning everything mentioned before back to the sender. All this happens entirely online.

   After choosing a product on the site, thanks to the located calculator, you can calculate your monthly installment with or without down payment (paid to the courier or in person), whether there will be insurance and what type of insurance, and of course for how long you would like to defer your payment.

   Entering your personal data and submitting your application to TBI BANK, you will have a call from the “Online Customer Service” team of TBI BANK *.

* Given the current situation, this may take up to 1 working day.

   Upon approval, the TBI BANK employee will explain to you how to attach / send your ID card and how to sign the contract online. The confirmation of approval is sent to Zarimex and we contact you to specify the delivery. The Zarimex team is ready to send you the product within 2 working days. (Unless you need to receive it in person from our store).

   In case you have indicated "Initial installment to the merchant / BGN /" when applying, the latter should be paid to the courier, when using logistic service or upon personal receiving of the product, against a receipt.

   Your commitment to pay the subsequent installments is to TBI BANK and is agreed in the concluded Contract between the two parties, as well as correctly paid in the way specified by the bank.

TBI BANK - an easy, safe, convenient and reliable way to get everything you want right now.

NOTICE  This payment method is applicable only for the theritory of Bulgaria.